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Video Production in Winter Park requires a company that understands the local area.  Winter Park Businesses know that Video is a requirement for meeting the communicating preferences of their customers.

C47 Film Associates knows that Orlando Area Businesses are not just Mouse Castles and Gift Shops because we live here, too.  We know that Park Avenue is beautiful scene for upscale video production, and that we have the most charming boat tour to capture nature scenes in all of Central Florida .

We know that business is thriving in Winter Park and you deserve to be a part of that growth.  Contact C47 Films help simplify your video production and digital marketing strategy today.


Winter Park Video Production Services that Make Sense.

C47 Films helps businesses overcome the problem of being unknown & unseen in their marketplace.  As experts in Concept-to-Completion Branded Content, Commercial & Documentary films, and Social Media Content Creation we create advertising & content that elevates brands, brings awareness and raises revenues.

Corporate Video Production

Grow Your Business

A quality homepage video can explain what you do to a new website visitor.  TV advertising can help you reach new markets. Event video production can help reingage an audience before an upcoming event. A powerful video interview can be your best testimonial and drive new clients to your doors.  A corporate video production can be for sales videos, marketing videos or internal communications purposes. Educate your staff on new ideas through video with the help from our corporate video company.  Corporate video production with C47 Films is an easy process with outstanding results.

Brand Video Productions

Bring Attention To Your Brand

Your business has a voice. We hope you’ve found a unique voice.  C47 Film Associates can help you find your voice, put together the right cast and crew to express your brand’s value and really inspire people through high quality video productions that tell your story.  You want your ideal customers to know like and trust you and VIDEO is the best way to attract new business.

Commercial TV Video Production

Reach A Larger Audience

CTV and Ad Supporting Streaming are affective ways for Orlando’s businesses to reach a niche local audience. Work with a Winter Park video production company that can seamlessly lead your team through the tv commercial production process and help your business in creating a tv commercial and campaign to get all of Central Florida moving your brand’s direction. Contact C47 Films today to put shoot your next professional TV commercial to amplify your exposure.

Product Video Production

Clearly Explain Your Products Value

Do people understand your product?  The best way to explain your product is by using Winter Park production companies like C47 Films’ to help show it off through video.  Explain the features and benefits your product or service offers to your ideal client.  Put your product in it’s use environment by doing a location video shoot or join us in our Winter Park video production studio for a green screen, white cyc, or custom set designed product video production experience.

Testimonial Videos

Let Your Customers Sell For You

We recommend that businesses don’t brag about themselves.  We think your happy customers should brag for you!  C47 Film’s local video production crew can help you plan, film, and promote your customer testimonial videos on your website and social channels like YouTube. Create powerful and truthfully authentic client testimonial videos that provide your target audience a measure of social proof to increase new business and conversions.

Website Video Production

Stand Out And Capture Attention Quickly

Did you know that the #2 Search Engine on the planet is YouTube?  Did you know that Google LOVES when you put a YouTube video on your website because Google and YouTube are both owned by Alphabet?  That’s a power combo.  C47 Films will create powerful website videos – Testimonial Videos, Product Explainer Videos, How-To Videos, FAQ Videos and more, so your brand get exposure on YouTube and communicates your value through video on your website.

Movie & Film Production

Tell A Big Story To Make An Impact

Yes. We do make movies (See IMDB for some of our background).  Unfortunately, we do not take unsolicited submissions with one very important exception.  That exception is in the case that you have $50,000 USD in development funds committed already from verifiable resources.  The truth about the movie industry is that there are too many amazing but unfunded ideas for us to show interest in them.  We wish you an adventurous journey as a filmmaker.

Marketing Services

Strategic Marketing That Drives Real Business Value

Marketing Strategy is everything. We start all marketing relationships by learning our client and then hatching a plan that aims for results.  Your business might need social media management and content creation services.  We do that.  We also handle client’s websites, email funnels, text messaging campaigns, and we’ve been known to design and place billboards, too!  We are full service digital marketers with roots in classical advertising.

Content Creation Services

High-Frequency Video Production To Amplify Your Marketing

Social Media is a mandate for Orlando businesses, and marketers spend a lot of time getting sound effects, visual effects, special effects, video editing, and film crew just right.  Like The Little Mermaid sang, you want to be where the people are. To do that you need content created with high frequency.  C47 Films creates highly creative, unique and interesting content for clients.  Many of our clients have seemingly boring or highly technical industries but we create super creative, engaging video and still image content for their audience.

C47 Film Associates – Winter Park, FL

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About C47 Film Associates, Winter Park’s Premier Videographers

For business and non-profit videography, movie making, and social media engagement you won’t find a more engaged production designer and creative partner than Josh Pies, and his team of award-winning videographers at C47 Films.

Have you discovered the Winter Park Community Center?  Did you know that our local Chamber of Commerce invites businesses that serve Winter Park from outside the area to participate? Have you experienced the Winter Park Jazz Fest or the Winter Park Art Fest yet?  This video production company has.  We’re local.  We get your business and we’re part of your community; our community.

C47 Film Associates is an Award-Winning Orlando video production company with offices in Kissimmee Florida and Winter Park Florida, was founded in 2009 by Joshua & Shannon Pies.  Our team has traveled the world telling stories for businesses, about business, and inspiring youth to pursue specific career paths via video productions of all kinds.

At C47 Fims we have a structure to how we manage projects but in every client situation we consider the situation a fresh start.  We bring fresh creative ideas and unique angles to your business’s situation.  Our video productions, especially when we get the privilege of having the ideas, writing the scripts and seeing the whole project to completion, are unlike any other video production company’s work.  Why are we different?  Because we know how to reveal your unique differences and present them to your very unique ideal clients.

When you get off of I4 in Orlando at Lee, Par or Fairbanks Streets your moments away from the vibrant commerce and small town vibes of Winter Park FL. Sure, people know we are near Disney and Universal and we have a Magical Basketball team but we at C47 Films video agency know that Winter Park is so much more.

This is where your business can really shine as we film on location with you, at a client site, or popular landmarks around the Winter Park Florida area.  Kraft Azalea on Lake Maitland, Lakes Osceola and Mizell, Park Avenue and Rollins College, Hillstone on lake Killarney and more are all gems around town that make great locations for movie production, commercial video production and more.

Sure, people know we are near Disney and Universal and we have a Magical Basketball team but we at C47 Films video agency know that Winter Park is so much more.

Let our Winter Park media production company help you establish a top notch brand presence in the Orlando market by connecting you with customer through video when and where they’re ready to buy.

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The process of video production seems mystical to some, but to be honest it is very similar to traditional project management.  The terms we use come from our work in making movies and TV shows but the process is indeed classical project management. Learn more about C47 Film Associates video production process.