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C47 Film Associates is the easy-to-work-with, easy-to-understand, and known for being Orlando’s best full service video production company to work with. You know your business must communicate using video, and you need a guide who has video marketing expertise to help you wake up the world with your message.  Contact C47 Films, your Orlando Video Production Experts and Digital Marketing Pros, so we can help you grow your business. 

Simplified Video Production Services That Make It Easy To Level Up Your Brand.

C47 Films helps businesses overcome the problem of being unknown & unseen in their marketplace.  As experts in Concept-to-Completion Branded Content, High-Frequendy content creation for YouTube and Social Media, and Commercial & Documentary films, we create advertising & content that elevates brands, brings awareness and raises revenues.

Corporate Video Production

Grow Your Business

Visual communications sometimes need to educate your audience while inspiring them.  In our business, Orlando video production companies call corporate documentary style videos “talking head videos”.  Talking Head Videos are very effective when the video creation company does them right. From sales videos to key awareness topics to video production for digital courses, C47 Films is the best video production company that can do it all.

Brand Video Productions

Bring Attention To Your Brand

Your brand has a voice, and our video production service helps you communicate your brand attributes through the power of film.  Are you clean and corporate?  C47 Films knows how to present you as the strong, upstanding business you are.  Do you want a gritty professional video production for a skater brand or perhaps you bring comedy and levity to your brand? In both cases, our media production company can help you bring exactly who you are to your ideal customers.

Commercial TV Video Production

Reach A Larger Audience

If your audience watches TV – live or streaming – you can reach them with commercials.  Your tv commercial has 30 seconds or less to make an impact.  Wake up your audience and move them to action when C47 Films helps you write a high quality script, set up your film production, book your videographer services, shoot and edit a great video and then we can even handle your media buys to drive exposure.

Product Video Production

Clearly Explain Your Products Value

Your product must be known for solving your customer’s problems. Product videos are an important tool and allow your brand to clearly communicate your value and motivate your customers to take action and buy your product.  And, if you say, “but my product is hard to show on video”, know that C47 Films Industrial and Manufacturing video production specialists have a way to take your challenging product and get the right message to your customers.

Testimonial Videos

Let Your Customers Sell For You

Your mother told you not to be a braggart.  Testimonial videos solve that problem for businesses by allowing your customer to brag about you on your behalf.  Leverage the power of your customers who know like and trust you to provide an important form of social proof to new buyers when they’re evaluating your solutions. Your target audience will be more likely to purchase when they have heard and watched past customers brag about your brand.

Website Video Production

Stand Out And Capture Attention Quickly

You have worked with a top video production agency to add video content to your website’s homepage, right? A Video Explainer where your business or your key product is clearly explained is a must for any business looking to drive conversions and maximize the full potential of the internet. Look at our page, we use a scrolling header to grab your attention, and show you a wide variety of what we do We can help you make your website an effective lead generation and business closing tool.

Movie & Film Production

Tell A Big Story To Make An Impact

If you have a script you’d like us to produce as a feature film, please know that we are not accepting submissions without a minimum of $50,000 development money attached to the script.  We proudly have produced multiple feature films and documentary projects but with the amazing amount of great ideas out there that have no funds attached it can overwhelm our business.  We’re excited to hear about your project when ready and are cheering all filmmakers on their production filming.

Marketing Services

Strategic Marketing That Drives Real Business Value

At C47 Films our marketing services begin with and hinge on having a clearly defined Marketing Strategy. Every good effort in business has a plan that is set, followed, and modified as life moves forward.  C47 Films can work with your business to identify your ideal client, design a plan of action to get their attention and call them to take action to produce a positive ROI.

Content Creation Services

High-Frequency Video Production To Amplify Your Marketing

If you are in business, you MUST create content and do it regularly.  The problem with content creation is that it is time-consuming, difficult to have enough ideas to fuel, and many of the tools and tactics are misunderstood and misapplied.  Yet, many people try on their own only to get frustrated.  C47 Films has worked hard to become known as Orlando’s top video production company. We help you express your expertise in video, memes, event promotions, and so many other ways, largely on Social Media using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter, and even video production for Rumble.

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About C47 Film Associates, Orlando’s Premier Videographer

For business and non-profit videography, movie making, and social media engagement you won’t find a more engaged and creative partner than Josh Pies and his team at C47 Films. I’ve been working with Josh for several years and would recommend him in a heartbeat for creative ideas, thoughtful discussions, and impactful results.

Vin N.

C47 Film Associates is an Orlando Florida based video and film production company founded in 2009 by Joshua & Shannon Pies.  Since our inception, our local Orlando videography company has had a wild ride where we’ve traveled the world creating documentaries and corporate video productions.  We’ve had the privilege of producing multiple TV shows and Feature Films while also helping new, small businesses create videos to help them grow into the dreams and vision their founders have for their new ventures.

C47 Fim Associates prides itself on treating every local video production and digital marketing customer with the same level of care and service.  We care about the success of your video enough to help clients evaluate strategy and set plans in place to move from an idea to a success.

You may be curious about our video production process.  We know that the tried and true formula that Hollywood has used for over a century is relevant no matter the size and scope of a video, so that very same procedure is what you receive from C47 Films on EVERY production.  While Orlando plays host to many talented local video production companies, C47 Film Associates has the experience to help develop a customized video strategy that supports your marketing campaigns and helps you stand out!

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Answer:  Video production is the art and science of planning, filming, editing, and distributing a motion picture.  Through this lens, we know that the same art and science can be applied to a brand’s corporate video production strategy to entice its target audience to take action and do something the video producer desires.  Learn more about C47 Film Associates video production process.