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C47 Films Digital Studios is your #1 Resource for high value, high frequency content creation services.  Using our exclusive one-to-many formula for generating mass quantities of quality content your business can finally keep up with the demands of social media.  Our “Court-The-Client” strategies will propel your efforts to immediate success before anyone even hits the publish button! 

Video-Podcasting: The key to unlocking your success

C47 Films helps businesses overcome the massive challenges of how to create enough, quality content to get attention.  As experts in Concept-to-Completion Branded Content, we have unlocked the secret to content creation by leveraging our “One-To-Many” Production Formula.  We also pair that effort with our proprietary “Court-The-Client” strategy to get immediate results BEFORE you publish a social post!

For nearly 20 years, C47 Films has been a business content production company that has an “Entertainment Flair”, precisely because we come from and still do create entertainment work (Movies, mostly).  We know how to create world-class entertainment content and, more importantly to us, we have a passion for helping B-2-B companies find their voice and use it in ways that grow their influence in the marketplace.  The bottom line is, we help brands live their brand out loud in ways that lead to new money.

Why Video-Podcasting?

The power of Long Format Content done at Scale

Podcast listenership is at an all-time high and growing.  YouTube is now hosting “Video Podcasts” as a native part of their channels.  People consume long-form content to learn, grow, be challenged to be better, and also be entertained.  At the same time, social media and YouTube are embracing ultra-short content and it’s no longer wide, but VERTICAL.  There’s massive opportunity in BOTH worlds but how do you get all that content created and done?  C47 Films does it WITH you.  We help you create a “Show” and then turn that into short content only to distribute it widely across many platforms.  It’s what we call, “One-To-Many”… meaning that every long-form content piece you film with us (ONE ITEM) is edited into 5, 10, 15, maybe as many as 20 shorter works that can be published in a multi-channel plan.  This is EXCELLENT for Business-to-Business (B-2-B) organizations who struggle to express their expertise because their products may be hard to explain, difficult to show, or perhaps full of NDA layers.  We help you get your expertise on display in VERY unique yet highly repeatable ways.   Click on the link below to learn about the pricing options available to your business.


Answer: A Video Podcast is a long-format video that is distributed, typically on YouTube, with the intent of informing and entertaining an audience.  This show is usually more that 10 minutes in length and under 90 minutes.  At C47 Films this is considered the root content from which we’ll typically create MUCH MORE content.

Orlando Commercial TV Video Production Services

About C47 Film Associates, Orlando’s Premier Videographer

For business and non-profit videography, movie making, and social media engagement you won’t find a more engaged and creative partner than Josh Pies and his team at C47 Films. I’ve been working with Josh for several years and would recommend him in a heartbeat for creative ideas, thoughtful discussions, and impactful results.

Vin N.

C47 Film Associates is an Orlando Florida based video and film production company founded in 2009 by Joshua & Shannon Pies.  Since our inception, our local Orlando videography company has had a wild ride where we’ve traveled the world creating documentaries and corporate video productions.  We’ve had the privilege of producing multiple TV shows and Feature Films while also helping new, small businesses create videos to help them grow into the dreams and vision their founders have for their new ventures.

C47 Fim Associates prides itself on treating every local video production and digital marketing customer with the same level of care and service.  We care about the success of your video enough to help clients evaluate strategy and set plans in place to move from an idea to a success.

You may be curious about our video production process.  We know that the tried and true formula that Hollywood has used for over a century is relevant no matter the size and scope of a video, so that very same procedure is what you receive from C47 Films on EVERY production.  While Orlando plays host to many talented local video production companies, C47 Film Associates has the experience to help develop a customized video strategy that supports your marketing campaigns and helps you stand out!

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