Documentary Video Production

If you want to change the culture, you have to inspire people to become the change they wish to see in the world.  People take up your mission and build movements when they have the gift of clarity and trustworthy examples or proof to hang their passions on.

Documentaries fill this role in society.  

At C47 Films we have created documentaries on Homelessness, International Poverty, Veteran’s Programs, Urban Education, Advanced Manufacturing, and even The Snow & Ice Management Industry (Snowplowing).  In each case, the goal was to educate viewers and inspire them to take up the causes of the industry in conversations, donations and/or volunteerism. 

Please note:  C47 is not accepting documentary video production idea submissions without attached funding resources.  Please self evaluate whether your idea has verifiable funding available prior to contacting us.

Our Goal Is To Educate & Inspire

SMP Glens Falls NY Schools

This is what we call “Corporate Documentary”.  Some may see it as a testimonial video, and it is, but there are two ways to approach a testimony.  Consider it like this:  Version 1 is more or less a video Google Review.  It’s simple and to the point, but also lacks the gravity to impress upon the viewer a sense of importance.  Version 2 is what we love to do… it is borne from years of documentary film production.  We produce documentary quality films about a real story and make sure that your brand, your product or service, is central to the story.  Will it go into a film festival? No.  Will is drive ROI?  Yep… that it can.

Genesee Country Christian School

Non-Profits almost universally need to express not only what they do but clarity about WHY.  It may be pouplar to talk about what your “Why” is because Simon Sinek did such a great job on his Ted Talk and in his book illuminating it BUT… The why of an organization demands that we broadcast it to enlist a tribe (and customers) so that it can thrive.  This private Christian school exists to educate the whole student to a high level of academic excellence.  Their why was best made clear in a documentary-level video production that makes clear to parents and donors that they are worth partnering with for the sake of the children.

American Jobs Center

How do you tell a story in retrospect?  Where do you find archival footage or, do you recreate the “scenes”?  The challenge in this particular documentary style video was that everything we needed to illuminate was in past-tense with no video to prove our story true.  In this case, between photos, careful writing and interviewing, and representative video capture to tie past-to-future, we created a compelling case for why the American Jobs Center is a critical resource for military families.

In One Room

Urban US settings is possibly the most challenging environment for education.  The founders of one urban charter school needed to explain to their community partners how they can actually make real change for students in urban cultures.  In One Room is a metaphor for the unity that it will take from parents, educators, community and politicians to break down the barriers to quality education – which they propose is to deal with sad hearts in children to help them heal so they can begin to really learn.  Honesty through documentary style video to make a clear call for help… that is this documentary work.  It is activism and a call to action for the most important demographic in history – children.

You Are NOT an Expert Unless You Prove It

You (or your company’s) expertise doesn’t exist unless people see you a the Go-To expert in your market. Establishing yourself as the expert is hard and you need a guide to help you truly own your expertise. The secret is that you must create content that helps others and in turn they will see you as the solution provider that you already are. C47 Films, a documentary video production company, can help you craft a plan and execute to drive real value for your audience that in turn builds your business.

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