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The Diner

Another college ad set on campus, or a slice of life with a real message about hopes and dreams?  We choose to inspire from a place of connection.  We choose to allow the college to be a guide who can help a student achieve their dreams.  That, is “The Diner”. A 30s spot for a community college who truly understands their students.

St. Johns

Your customers feel their problems but often cannot articulate them. In this spot, we brought out a real problem “fear of disconnection” in this 30s ad and resolved it quickly with a wonderful truth that at St. Johns there is a vibrant social life.  Your business solves problems so let’s bring them up and show how you help your customers overcome and thrive.

The Fee Troll

Fear fees?  Most people do.  Banks are notorious for hiding them.  Feels like an evil magical troll lives under the bridge between you and your account, doesn’t it?  We thought so, too.  Hence, the Fee Troll.  Fun Fact, the actor who is the troll is our Executive Producer.

Vital Energy

What sets an energy drink or electrolyte drink (like Gatorade) apart from a competitor?  Branding.  These are as much a lifestyle/identity choice as they are tastes and performance preferences.  Vital Energy wants you to associate with the competitive side, but not against anyone but your own best self.  Watch this long form image piece for a fun reveal at the end.  — Oh, and if you are a fan of The Office, holler “Parkour, Parkour” like Michael once for us.

You Are NOT an Expert Unless You Prove It

You (or your company’s) expertise doesn’t exist unless people see you a the Go-To expert in your market. Establishing yourself as the expert is hard and you need a guide to help you truly own your expertise. The secret is that you must create content that helps others and in turn they will see you as the solution provider that you already are. C47 Films can help you craft a plan and execute to drive real value for your audience that in turn builds your business.

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