What is the Video Production Process?

To create a video for your business, we follow the 5-step Movie Production Formula, which is: 

Your Corporate Video, your YouTube Video Production, your Documentary Video Production and any other done with C47 will follow these stages.  The definitions of each stage are:


Development:  Video development is the earliest stage of video production where a client business and our company work together to define WHY we’re doing a video and what the end results ought to be.  The plan includes video distribution – the ending phase – now. This will inform every video production decision we make from scriptwriting to casting to locations and even video formatting. 

Video Production Process Development Phase


Pre-Production:  All of the script writing, casting, location scouting, booking, video equipment preparation, crew scheduling, and more happens as a producer from C47 Films works on your behalf, and our company offer to your team is to plan out EVERYTHING. 

Video Production Process Pre-Production Phase


Production: Simply put, this is LIGHT CAMERA ACTION time.  We come to your location or film in a studio, and our crew will film with one or multiple cameras to accomplish the task at hand.  Often times we film multiple videos in one session and with more complicated video productions we do one video over many days.  Size and scope are different from project to project but, remember, the phases are all the same. 

Orlando Video Production Process Production Phase


Post-Production: When the video is filmed we say, “it’s in the can”.  That old term for using film to capture a video meant that the film was safely stored in a can and waiting for processing, but our digital assets are ready for loading to a computer and editing.  Our world-class video editors will edit, sweeten the sound, add music from our royalty-free stock music and sound libraries, insert voiceovers from talented VO artists, and add outstanding corporate video production graphics packages to your edit.  

Orlando Video Production Process Post Production


Distribution: The goal is for people to see your video and react to it in ways you desire.  We can help you distribute your videos.  Often video distribution of our productions is as simple as sending Meta your video for Facebook and Instagram.  Maybe it’s YouTube or Rumble.  And, maybe it’s more unique like projecting your film on the side of a 10-story building.  

Orlando Movie and Film Video Production Services

Remember, we plan in Development for an excellent Distribution.  Contact C47 Films, your Orlando Video Production Experts and Digital Marketing Pros, so we can strategize video production and help you grow your business.