Corporate Messaging

How do you engage your sales force?  How do you communicate to your investors?  When a potential customer lands on your homepage in a moment of serendipitous Googling… How do you capture their attention?  

In each case, expertly crafted corporate messaging applied to corporate video productions are your answer.  

It has often been said that a “Picture is Worth 1000 Words” – in fact, Kodak, the famed photography brand had an internal blog called “1000 Words”.  Video is displayed at an average of 24 frames per second which is 24 still pictures displayed every second.

Video is worth 24,000 words per second!

If this math is true then a 1 Minute Video is worth 1, 440,000 words which is 16 novels of information!!!!

The math is all voo-doo but the truth is evident – a good video paints a vivid, clear picture that can move people to action.  Ask C47 Films, a corporate video production company, to help you craft messaging that will build the response you seek. Energize your teams, inspire investors, and help customers take the next step.  

Video is clarity. 

What are you saying?

Critical 360

The problem: Crisis comes without notice.  The Solution: Prepare in advance.  — This national sales video for an indoor mapping technology was rolled out in a national sales meeting and put in the hands of an expert sales staff to make their case abundantly clear.  Sales Videos MUST lay out a clear case for your product.


Know your audience.  Construction companies & Contractors – their owners, managers, and workers – identify with a certain tough persona.  It’s a hard job, splinters and scratches be damned.  It’s also a tough job to get the numbers right and be the best for your customers.  Enter Construct.  This product explainer video speaks the language of contractors in both the tough exterior and their soft interior – the proprietors who care to get it right.

Cerion Nano Materials

C47 is really proud of this piece… why?  How often do you deal with nanoparticles?  Do you understand them and can you help Ph.D. level researchers get inspired about them?  Yeah, we’re gonna brag for a moment… because we did and still do.  The truth is some high tech, manufacturing and other B-2-B products and services can seem VERY DRY unless you care to find the magic in them.  We see the magic in every customer and help bring that clarity to their customers.  This video is one of many where a seemingly dry topic comes to life.  And let’s be honest, we all wish we knew a Rocket Scientist.  We kinda do! #humbleBrag #WeWillFeelTheSameAboutYou

Kodak HCF

Kodak came to us with a challenge.  Make a sales video for a thin-film that can be a touch screen.  They wanted to make sure it was clear in the video that there were tech-specs that were industry leading.  Sadly, we also knew that tech specs would NOT keep anyone’s attention (including engineers).  What could we do to push boundaries and still deliver on tech specs?  Appeal to the inner child of every engineer and let them know that this tech can help them live out childhood dreams.  Yes, with HCF you can be a part of designing the future.  As far as we’re concerned here at C47 Films, anyone who uses HCF in new designs is just COOL .

You Are NOT an Expert Unless You Prove It

You (or your company’s) expertise doesn’t exist unless people see you a the Go-To expert in your market. Establishing yourself as the expert is hard and you need a guide to help you truly own your expertise. The secret is that you must create content that helps others and in turn they will see you as the solution provider that you already are. C47 Films can help you craft a plan and execute to drive real value for your audience that in turn builds your business.

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