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Becoming A Unicorn: The Entrepreneurial Goal

Josh Pies, serial entrepreneur and guy who has hit both good and hard times, never gives up.  What has fueled his ability to bounce back and champion adversity is a clear understanding that learning from the example of others is the best way to move forward with confidence.  That is the purpose of this podcast.  

Napoleon Hill’s famous text ‘Think And Grow Rich” was purportedly a study of the richest men in business and how they operated.  Hill’s famous work by example, as well as via the infamous concept of “The Mastermind”, supports the notion that learning from peers who have relevant experiences is precisely the right decision to help entrepreneurs overcome and achieve.  

Thus, this podcast is dedicated to Examining the Journey of Entrepreneurship.  Interviews of entrepreneurs – finding out their back story, how they discovered their business and how they overcame the challenges they faced, will help you – our viewers, friends and peers – move forward with confidence. 


Answer:  Both terms, “Bootstrapping” or “Bootstrapped” and “Unicorn” are common words in the world of Entrepreneurs.  Bootstrapping is the act of building something without help or high-value resources (i.e. “Daddy’s Money”).  It’s a dirt on your face and under the nails, hard work, sweat equity rules type of term.  Now, the word “Unicorn” indicates a business that is so unique that it is undeniable as the best in class or maybe even best ever.  Now, there’s giants like Meta that are clearly tech Unicorns but there’s also unicorns in tight niches that are that very unique, undeniable powerhouse which may never make the world stage but be a giant for the entrepreneurs and those people who need him/her.  Bootstrapped Unicorns are those businesses that took grit, ingenuity, and no undue favors from others (even if there was serendipity and the occasional “Lucky” moment.

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