Why is C47 Films your best resource for Video & Podcasting?

For almost 2 decades we’ve been making award-winning content – from TV Shows and Documentaries to Social Media Content.  The accolades are great but the secret sauce is that we, like you, are entrepreneurially wired.  Our focus is on finding the sweet spot where quality content, efficiency, and effective marketing and sales create results.  Fun and exciting videos are great – we’ve made a ton of them.  The truth is that’s not enough… you must have a strategy to move the needle and our Video Podcast Offerings are our flagship tool for your success. 

What is “Normal”?

Our “Chief Attention Getter”, Josh Pies (He’s the Boss), is not a fan of being Normal.  The truth is that our world is saturated with voices who are all begging for attention.  Those voices combine to be mere white noise, that awful din of static, that means nothing.  When you create Video and Podcast content of any kind you need to be different, refreshing, and abnormal in all the right ways to convert your ideal client into a raving fan.  Included in this are some baseline differentiators that apply to all businesses that want to get more and better attention: 

  1. You must be diligent.  Content is a long-term play.
  2. You must be consistent.  Wavering in what you do is confusing.  Don’t confuse your clients.
  3. You must be an expert. To be an expert you must first, actually know your stuff, and second you must show it off.  Expertise is demonstrable.

After you conquer these points you’ll already be above the norm because most of your competition won’t stick it out.

Now, amplify your habits of diligent consistency with our ONE-TO-MANY Forumla and our COURT-THE-CLIENT Strategies and you’ll make the long road of consistency in content creation feel VERY SHORT.

Being “Abnormal” is doing the right thing.  How we define ABNORMAL is critical to both understanding How Content is Done Right and setting yourself apart in your market space.

Orlando TV Commercial Video Production Service by C47 Films

Our Filmography

C47 Film Associates has expertise in Content Creation, Advertising, and Entertainment.  Below are some thoughts about each and samples via short demo reels.


Digital content is a critical component of your marketing mix. Content comes in many forms but the common threads are: High Frequency, Value Laden, Thematic presentations of ideas, expertise or entertainment. Whether you want to bring the funny or express expertise for a niche audience (or “Tribe”), we can guide you and create with you (content is rarely “done for you”). Our work includes online branded content, ads, Vlogs, and digital courses.  Our clients include The John Maxwell Team, Cayuga Community College, Dan Cockerell (Fmr VP Walt Disney World), and The City of Syracuse NY.


When advertising your products and services you must have a marketing services vendor who is able to intimately understand your product and the needs of your make.  We dig deep and come up with powerful creative content for brands like Kodak, Eastman Business Park, EagleView, Cerion Advanced Materials, and agency partners such as Metrix Marketing, Luna Digital, and Break the Ice Media.


The power of a great story.  Exhilarating visuals. Tear inducing once-in-a-lifetime moments.  All of these have come to life on the silver screen and in broadcast TV work by C47 Films.  Our work includes producing 1 feature film, 3 TV Shows, and 7 Documentaires with client and content partners as various as Protech Manufacturing (snowplows), NASCAR (racing), TBN (Faith Broadcasting), the US Departments of Education and Labor (Advanced Manufacturing Education) and even an International SuperStar Rappers (Andy Mineo; Humble TIP).

About C47 Film Associates

C47 Film Associates was officially named on Father’s Day 2010.  That was a notable day in our world because a video that we had made as freelance creators had gone viral and we really understood how big it was on that very day.  The video, I Fought For You (find it on YouTube) was a veteran’s affairs piece we created in collaboration with The SoundTank and we remain so proud of how that film has helped renew respect and patriotism within the hearts of Americans.  It is that film that paved the way for Joshua & Shannon Pies to make our dream of owning a production company a reality.  

Today, C47 Films looks quite different than it had over a decade ago.  With main offices in Kissimmee Florida just south of Orlando Florida and nestled right near Walt Disney World in Orange County and Osceola Counties we proudly have 8 employees and room to grow that number in 2022!.  We seem far from our roots in Rochester, NY but we still have both offices and a team in the city near Brighton New York as well.   

In the early days, we focused on Corporate Video Production and Short Films.  It was a great time of getting our feet wet and fully understanding what it means to tell stories that elevate brands.  Our first paid video (not a viral video on spec) was for an author (Jenn Sertl) who is a thought leader in business management and leadership.  To this day we work with people like John Maxwell of the John Maxwell Team and many others who are leaders in business topics.  Though we started there, our client base has grown to include Manufacturing, Information Technology, Business to Business Services, Tourism and Economic Development.  

You might expect that given the very “business focused” work that we’ve done that our work is dedicated to talking heads and a documentary style, but what you may not know is where Josh & Shannon came from does not lend to staying with the same-old-same-old for business.  Prior to founding C47 Film Associates, they were both actors on a Christian sketch comedy show called 360TV.  While it was certainly humble beginnings, that show took off!  After it grew to be viewed in more than 1000 markets worldwide (including 3 satellite networks!) their careers were taking shape.  Modern C47 Films projects still infuse the showmanship and entertainment values that were borne of the “old 360 days” as Josh calls them.  In fact, in late 2021 the C47 Team created a short film for a local brand that included cameos from Santa himself and a whimsical, if not funny, series of circumstances that really elevate the character of their brand image.  That’s what C47 does best.  In fact, it may have been best said by Olaf from Disney’s Frozen: “Warm Hugs”.  We like to give them and the way we do it is with quality, on-point video productions.  

While we have you… You may be wondering what C47 was named after.  If you’re a WWII aficionado, no… it is not from the plane.  It’s actually an old urban legend in the film industry.  If you want to hear the whole story, watch our co-founder Josh Pies explain it in this video:  The Legend of the C47

You Are NOT an Expert Unless You Prove It

You (or your company’s) expertise doesn’t exist unless people see you a the Go-To expert in your market.  Establishing yourself as the expert is hard and you need a guide to help you truly own your expertise. The secret is that you must create content that helps others and in turn they will see you as the EXPERT solution provider that you already are.  C47 Films can help you craft a plan and execute that plan in order to drive real value for your audience. That value you give in turn builds your business.

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