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WELCOME! You probably found this from the QR Code on our door. Very Cool.

C47 Films is a Branding & Ad Agency with a high concentration on “branding by Motion Picture” (Video) and a dogmatic belief that strategy merged with the “willingness to try” is at the core of success. And, as you’ll see from our work, we DO NOT believe that “the way it has always been done” is absolutely the right way. Sometimes it is, most of the time… Nah, It isn’t.

Different get’s noticed. Marketing, at its core, is the act of GETTING ATTENTION. Come get attention with us.

And… for your viewing pleasure, watch this fun reel of some of our video work.

If you need us NOW (Like maybe you’re in the office waiting to join a meeting) Dial 407-990-1200 or Text 585-734-7346. For inquiries, Email our Digital Train Conductor (Brooke) via

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