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We Stopped Hiding this Secret – EP 8 of Bootstrapped Unicorns

I was about to film… and then he never showed up.  It wasn’t like Conrad… not at all.  I tried to reach him and… nada.  Then, a text.  “I’m in the hospital.  I’ll be OK but it’s gonna be a bit.”  He is OK, luckily, but I had a show to do so… I did it.  And this was the result.  Aside from just talking a bit I showed how I’m using ChatGPT 3.5 – the free version – to powerfully write and plan content.   It’s screen-shared so you can follow along.  It’s worth the look-see into some of how we operate using AI. The truth is, we us AI weekly via about 7 different platforms.  It’s wild.  It’s fun.  It’s SUPER Powerful.  If you’re not doing it, try it.  If you want us to do it for you… yep, you can call or email.  We’re here to serve.  BUT… you can also join the Bootstrapped Unicorns: Entrepreneurship and Marketing group on Facebook for FREE and we’re all growing together in there as business owners.  So… Join us and come learn stuff and help each other for free. It’s like a hippy commune of conscious capitalists.



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