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The Line of Legacy (Ep #2, Bootstrapped Unicorns)

Episode:  #2

Title: The Line of Legacy

Topic:  What it means to leave an Entrepreneur’s Legacy

Host:  Josh Pies, Chief Attention Getter, Film Producer

Summary:  Josh’s life focus is on impact through entrepreneurship.  As such, legacy is a topic that is on the mind often BUT it vexes him because LEGACY is a fear term.  It denotes the fear that you’ll be forgotten.  Instead, we ought to be focused on impact and, as such, high value impact will create legacy.  It led to a 2×2 matrix concept called the Legacy-Impact Matrix that Josh invented to express this idea.  The bottom line:  Entrepreneurs who crave legacy ought to focus selflessly on impact because legacy is a natural result of impact.  Learn more from him on this episode and, don’t forget to subscribe for more.

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