The Hero’s Journey

You are the guide, your customer is the Hero. How do you guide your hero to their success?
This form helps us create “The Hero’s Journey” for your customer in a way that will help us storytell. When we know how to tell your target client a story where they see you as the person/company who can lead them to success we have clarity on how to talk to them. Many people may use this information to make an elevator pitch for their business and we at C47 Films use this as a way to make sure our work on your behalf always is speaking to YOUR target customer who is ‘the Hero of their own movie’ in life.

My Info

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The Hero

Your ideal customer (Avatar) is the hero of their own movie…

Name and 1-line description

Name and 1-line description, in the Hero’s voice.
My hero KNOWS they have this problem

The Hero's Guide

You are the guide but who are you in the eyes of the hero?

Define the problem they face in the way you, as a professional, define the problem.

Explain how you guide the hero to their success.

Note how you are unlike any of the other available guides. — A worksheet to help you with this is lower on this form under “My Differentiators”



My Differentiators

More times than not, people struggle with their part of the Hero’s Journey… a key consideration is about how you are different than the available alternatives. This section is a worksheet to help you find out how to talk about you.

Differentiation Ideas

Check all that you believe apply and consider how they are unique to you. A paragraph field is below for you to use to riff on your answers.

Riff on what makes you different and worth using over the “other guy”. Why are you THE Guide for your client?