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The Blue Man Group Drummer Quit to Sell Houses!?!? (Ep 4, Bootstrapped Unicorns)

Episode 4:  Bootstrapped Unicorns, The BLUEMAN who Sold Your House

Host:  Josh Pies, Chief Attention Getter & Film Producer

Topic:  Rob Kurzreiter, top 1% Keller Williams Agent used to be a Rock & Roll Drummer for One Republic and BlueMan Group.  How he found success in both worlds.

Summary: Ok… So I’ve known Rob for a LONG Time… He doesn’t talk about being a world class drummer. In fact, he talks about helping people, and ideas for the future, and how to make family life better for people.  He speaks from the heart and does not dwell in the past… but his pivot from BLUE MAN and Drummer for One Republic and 40 Foot Crutch to being a Nationally Ranked Top Realtor for Keller Williams is curious.  How does one go from world class in one area to a wholly different avenue and do the same level of accomplishment??? Doesn’t compute, right??  Well, Rob has a theory on how the two worlds do compare and it’s VERY IMPORTANT for entrepreneurs to understand.  Spoiler, but in now way giving it all away, it’s about relationships.   Go listen.  He’s humble but damn, is he impressive!!!

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