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From Broke Kid to Insurance Mogul (Ep 5, Bootstrapped Unicorns)

Episode 5:  From Broke Kid to Insurance Mogul – The John Tankersley Success Story

Host:  Josh Pies, Chief Attention Getter & Film Producer

Topic:  John Tankersley is known in Central Florida as an insurance expert and entrepreneur.  Ask anyone and you’ll find out he’s seen as trustworthy and adept at helping people get what they need in the world of insurance.  Once upon a time he was a kid with hustle and moxy but nothing in his pocket. He still has the hustle and the moxy but neither of us are quite “kids” anymore.  And, he’s successful.

Summary: Ok… So I’ve known John for a LONG Time… He’s the real deal.  As founders go, he’s got real skills to grow a business from the ground up.  John explains where he came from – humble beginnings to be sure – and his pathway from door-knocking to sell insurance to being the boss, to now starting a new company.  John’s clarity about what he’s good at is instructive.  He partners with people who fill voids in both his skills and his available time.  He also hyper focuses his business on niche, clear targets and it’s an ideal success play.

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