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Talk Triggers and Cowbells

Was it Will Ferrell or Christopher Walken who sold that sketch for you?​

Is it the beer belly bell ringer that your crazy cousin reenacts when he’s full-silly at the family event or, maybe a straight man delivery of, “I have a fevah, and the only prescription is *Patented Walken Pause* More Cowbell”?​

That magical sketch was pure, funny, and safe to share with young and old.​

That was 21 years ago. In all likelihood, you remember it as well as I do. And maybe, if you’re prone to a bit of fun, you place a “more cowbell” comment when something strikes a chord.​

This sketch became something of a talk trigger. Elements: Cowbell, Blue Oyster Cult, Key SNL Actors, Christopher Walken, Studios and Instruments – any of these might cause a “more cowbell” quote and a fond memory of what? Saturday Night Live.​

Now, a sketch comedy show is prone to breeding triggers like this, BUT… you can do it for yourself too – how you dress, the lapel pin you choose to wear, the phrase you say when you agree (“I feel ya”, “I hear you”, “Dig it”, “Yeah Buddy”), the over-the-top experience you get eating a $100 cheesesteak sandwich (read Jonah Berger’s book, Contagious, for this story).​

Ask yourself 2 questions today:

1) Do you have talk triggers working in your world?

2) Do you need more Cowbell in your life?​

If you answered no to #1 – Click here to find

If you answered yes to #2 – Click here to watch SNL’s, “More Cowbell”.

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