This is the current Rytech Company Video (with one owner featured in it… but it isn’t you… and we’re here to fix that!)

This is a rapid-test we did for Rytech to show how we can successfully delete the previous actor and insert new talent (this was Josh Pies from C47 Films).

For Less than $1000 we’ll make your video!

C47 Films proudly announces that we have partnered with Rytech Restoration to help Rytech Owners be seen in their own videos in an easy, affordable and powerful way.  To the left of screen is Josh Pies of C47 Films.  He’ll explain the whole thing AND, you can even see a behind-the-scenes test he and his team did from the office and you’ll be thrilled with the results.


We’re going put YOU in this video!

And, it’s 90% off the retail price.

The normal, highly produced corporate video costs more than $10,000.  The current Rytech video (on the left) is a great one – high value, and costly.  Our ability to insert you into this video will save you more than $9000.  This is a very rare and wonderful opportunity. Take advantage of this NOW!

And, for an added bonus! Get your Video Business Card.

Use the GetSeen.Pro digital business card platform (which is free) PLUS add a VIDEO BUSINESS CARD for only $300 (normally $599) and you’ll have a QR Enabled mobile technology that provides 2-Way networking for the digital age.  View the GetSeen.Pro platform video on the right.

Your Business Card probably gets thrown out.

Change the way you network with prospects!

Also on the right is Rytech’s own Barb Lynch in her Video Business Card which she uses on GetSeen.Pro!

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