Get Ready for your close-up!



Congratulations!  You’re about to shoot one or more videos with C47 Films at the big Rytech Annual Meeting!  Below is the exact script you’ll read on the teleprompter for the Rytech Corporate Video.  After that is a proposed script for your Video Business Card if you’ve added that to your order (or purchased additional for your team).   We recommend you practice before filming – it just makes sense to be prepared.

Here are the top tips for preparing to film your videos:

  1. DO: Practice your script for 10 minutes a day before you arrive for the event.
  2. HOT TIP: On your travel day – skip practice.  A day off after 5+ days of practice can be helpful.
  4. DO wear Rytech logo’ed apparel if you have it.
  5. DO NOT wear jewelry that jingles.
  6. DO ask for help.  If you need us, we’re here for you.  Use the contact form on our site or email




FULL TEXT (Matching Above Prompter Practice Script)

No one expects a water, fire, mold, or sewage emergency to strike.

I’m (INSERT YOUR NAME) with Rytech Restoration of (LOCATION). We’re really sorry if you’re experiencing a problem at your home or business today, we want to personally assure you that Rytech will do everything possible to help you get your property back to normal in the shortest amount of time.

Rytech Restoration has helped hundreds of thousands of property owners pick up the pieces after disasters since 1995. Over 100 insurance providers trust Rytech to help their members and their time of need. From residential homes to commercial buildings, Rytech helps restore them all.

While it’s natural to be concerned about damaged materials and personal items, time is the real enemy and immediate action must be taken to stop the spread of damage at your property. At Rytech Restoration of (LOCATION), we promise our customers fast, 24/7 emergency services every day of the year.

Once you’ve spoken to a live Rytech Restoration specialist about your emergency, a certified technician will be at your door in four hours or less. Your Rytech technician will then arrive wearing an identification badge. They are trained on all the latest technologies, equipment, and advanced restoration processes.

We promise to always take an empathetic approach to customer care. After an unexpected disaster, you’re left feeling frustrated and unsure how to get your life back to normal. Rytech’s national contact center and exclusive centralized support ensure that customers can expect the same high level of experience from state to state. We’ll even work with your insurance and bill them directly.

We also promised to provide fair estimates based on industry standards and pricing tools. Industry Reports show that Rytech is consistently priced less than competitors’ quotes.

Live specialists are ready to answer your questions and to dispatch a Rytech Tech to your door.

Call  XXX-YYY-ZZZZ for immediate assistance. We thank you and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Note: Below is just one suggestion on how you might do your video business card. We suggest you tailor your video based on who you really are.  

Hi, I’m ______________________, from Rytech.  We are the experts who address water, mold, and fire damage in homes, businesses, and industrial settings.  Thank you for taking a moment to meet me.

My job as a leader in our Rytech franchise is to do two very important things.  First, we assure the world-class service and practices that the Rytech name is known for. My job is to make sure you’re the recipient of the best restoration possible.  And, the second thing I do is build relationships.  Rytech’s clients and valued referral partners are both what allows our company to thrive AND, more importantly, our passion.  I am here to make sure you know you can trust Rytech to deliver.

So, please, reach out and connect with me.  If you have an immediate need you must call us now – and if not, we should still be sure to meet.  Because we can’t predict when disaster will strike but we can assure that you have us in your corner.


Video Business Card 2:

If you’re watching this, then we’ve probably met. Thanks for taking another moment with me.

At Rytech what we do, at it’s core, is make people whole again. Water, mold and fire damage and threaten people’s way of life. We’re here to get families and businesses back to living life. And, as we know, disaster does strike so you need to know me and our team here at Rytech.

I want you to do three things right now:
1. Store me in your phone.
2. Text me right after this video so we can continue our connection.
3. Purpose today to remember that I and our Rytech Team of professionals are here to help you and people you know when bad things happen to their property.

I’m _____________________ and I’m really glad that we’ve connected.