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Luxury Home Listing Winter Park Fl

Picture if you will… a stunning home, custom-built, nestled into a nook on the corner of a nearly private lake. The dock where your boat might park is within view of the trendy restaurant that everyone loves – and Trader Joe’s is one building away from that! Boat to your shopping. Commute into the city in moments but live like royalty in a secluded nook. This was the listing on Lake Killarney’s Killarney Drive.

Our client Barry Botwin at the Botwin Team partners with his referral partners to help them succeed and sometimes that means he does a video with them. When that happens, we at C47 Films handle the project soup-to-nuts. In this case, we filmed the video you see above and we did a social media ad spend that had a very specific plan. We used 80% of our ad spend in Hoboken, New Jersey (for this Winter Park FL address) and the rest was used locally. The local spend did ok, but nothing to write home to mama about. The New Jersey angle worked! Follow us on this…

The day it was listed we launched the ads. By 5p they were running (thanks Facebook! That was quick turn around!).

By day 3 of the ads being listed we had the following:

  1. More than 17,000 views in Hoboken Region.
  2. More than 3000 views in Winter Park +15mi.
  3. More than 20 serious, qualified inquiries spread across listing agent and mortgage office.
  4. 1 call from a majority owner of the famed magazine Playboy with a cash offer.
  5. 1 Closed Deal.

Why Hoboken? At the time, and as the date of this blog writing, we can say “to this day”, relocation from the North East USA to Florida was high. We knew that medium through high net worth people were leaving for Florida for financial and political reasons and a top destination was and is Central Florida USA. We knew that if we targeted that area – even with the fair housing rules limiting our ability to target wealth codes and specific zip codes – that we’d get the right attention in the area because a high proportion of incomes in that region could see themselves buying in the low 7-Figures out of the area.

Bottom line: This worked! And, the bottom line for you is that creative, eyecatching marketing works but it works best when you have a strong distribution plan for your marketing. Strategy always must pair with creativity.

If you want this type of listing video for your property, consider one of our trusted real estate professionals who can arrange for this type of wow-factor and strategy for your home. Reach out today to arrange for a video!

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