Here’s the truth… I don’t just see you – I’ve been you.

There was a time when professional video was more like making movies.  We’d have big budgets, lots of time and planning, and that one video we’d make would be used for years and years.  Then streaming on the internet became viable and YouTube was born.  It broke all the old things I knew.

Well, I tried.  I did 31 days of vlogs filmed and edited daily.  It was exhausting.  It was also fruitless.  Why?  Well, guys like Casey and Gary V and Grant Cardone have been doing this for many years to build their audiences and I had only 31 days in.  I only needed 3100 more days I guess…  Disheartening?  Yes.  The end… oh no… The Beginning of a very fruitful epiphany.

Now, I know you see yourself in this somewhere.  Everything in online marketing seems necessary but so very daunting.  It’s all too much, yet, everyone says you must do it.  You see that you should do it.  How?  HOW???  People have said – Do more Videos.  They say “post daily”.  Some say that you should post every 3 waking hours for cryin’ out loud!  Seriously!?!? How?  Others say do “Value Posts” and some say “that market is saturated, do something else!”

If it’s not exhausting… it’s paralyzing!

I remember the first time I saw a guy named Casey Neistat on YouTube.  He vlogged every day and it was brilliant work.  I was hooked but I had no clue how he did it.  When I discovered that he’d designed his whole life around creating a video every day and that he had NO OTHER LIFE I was heartbroken for him and for me.  How could I follow suit!?!?

  1. Learn Small Business Video Production Tactics
  2. Find your voice on Video and in Social Media
  3. Discover how to distribute your content well
  4. Learn how to be wildly efficient with your marketing effort
  5. Set SMART Goals for your marketing
  6. And, do all of this in a collaborative setting that will connect you for 90 Days with an engaged group of fellow professionals AND our C47 Films Digital Marketing Team.

That’s right, I Will Show You How.  Now, I have no quick fix.  There’s no shortcut.  And there is no official formula… but that’s because YOU ARE UNIQUE.  Your goals, your skills, your interests, and your appeal to an audience is unique, and therefore you need a pro who knows more than one way to get things done.  There are best practices that you can learn and deserve to know. There is a real way to take the pain out of creating content and I’ll help you go there.  The truth is, the closest thing you’re gonna get to a shortcut is… ME.

My name is Josh Pies.  If you know me already then you’re aware that my title here at C47 Films is Chief Attention Getter.  After 20 years in this biz professionally, and 38 total years in entertainment, I know stuff that most humans don’t.  I know the tech.  I know the digital world.  I know acting and camera confidence. I know writing and creative ideation.  I know business – oddly enough I know the Real Estate Industry and Manufacturing best of all…   And, I am opening an application-only mastermind setting to get in the room with you and help you go from where you are to where you see yourself in your mind’s eye.   I will select the right people to be in the room together with me to do the following:

If you’ve read this far then we believe that this Mastermind is right for you… but let’s put a framework around figuring it out. If you answer YES to any of the following, you need to apply NOW.
  1. Are you discontent with the state of your business?
  2. Are you short on time to do your own marketing?
  3. Are you are low on inspiration for your own marketing?
  4. Are you are secretly jealous (maybe just a bit) of peers’ and competitors’ marketing?
  5. Are you afraid of being on camera?
  6. Are you ready to grow your business?