Video Podcasting
Powerful. Dynamic. Scalable.

Stop Paying $500 – $3000 For a Single Video!

You know you’ve considered it.  

Maybe you’ve tried it. 

You hire a cheap freelancer and he’ll shoot & edit some content for you.  No real plan… And, if there is a plan, it’s all on you.  Sure, it’s “Cheap” but it’s secretly VERY EXPENSIVE because it won’t do what you’re dreaming it will do.  

There is a better way.

What if there was a way to HAVE A PLAN, GET LOTS DONE FAST, and GET RESULTS in a few hours per month?  C47 Films Digital Studios has a formula for your success.  


The C47 Films ONE-TO-MANY Content Formula

  1. Film a LONG FORMAT Show
  2. Create 5-15 “SHORTS” and/or “Segments” 
  3. Edit Audio Only Versions of the LONG FORMAT
  4. Release a drip campaign of 7 to as many as 17 pieces of content! 

Now, if you are smart you’ll do this with strategy…

Now, if you’re ready to really power up your efforts… You’ll do this with Strategy.


The C47 Films COURT-THE-CLIENT Strategy: 

  1. Involve your ideal client (past, current or former) in filming your content.
  2. Celebrate Social Media, YouTube & Podcast content releases with them in it.
  3. Involve them in your content release process to help them celebrate with you.  
  4. Integrate your BEST content pieces into your Email, Blog and Website.

The Merger of One-To-Many and Court-the-Client means you are creating Marketing content at scale as you are engaging in Sales activities, too.  In fact, the Sales activities are IMMEDIATE wins that occur BEFORE you ever release a piece of content.

The plan is clear.  

The payoffs are many & frequent.  

The decision is simple. 

Start Today.