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Commercial TV Advertising is a powerful tool in the right hands. If you want to stand out you need to interrupt patterns and get attention.  That’s what TV Commercials created through C47 Films commercial video production services do.  Get the strategy, BIG IDEAS, and critical implementation you must have in order to GET ATTENTION. A Free TV Commercial Consultation is a click away.


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What are TV Commercials?  TV Commercials used to be short, 30 second, advertisements that interrupt shows on TV.  That was back in the days of appointment tv – when you had to rush home to see a show – remember those days?

Now, as commercial advertising videographers , we still create TV Commercials that are still 30s ads. They difference now is your brand’s tv campaigns can be in-stream ads on networks or streaming through connected tv.  And, the goal of a standard TV Commercial is to be compelling and memorable so that viewers emotionally adopt your brand.  It is also true that in order to do this ads must be seen at a frequency that supports recognition and familiarity.

Are TV Commercials Still Effective?  One could easily argue that broadcast ads are less effective than they once were. Gone are the days when the only broadcast marketing outlets were over the air TV clips for ads, and Radio with limited stations.  That was 50 years ago.  Since then we’ve seen market segmentation as cable then internet gained wide spread adoption, and now CTV.

The comparison of TV Commercials marketing strategy then and now is less about whether days gone by were more or less powerful for TV Ads and more about strategic implementation.  Many of our clients we would NEVER put tv content online through public broadcast tv or tv connected online because their types of target audience are NOT watching these types of marketing channels.

At the very same time, other clients have customer watching TV and do so in such a way that corporate video production used to create video for television broadcast still very much works well for them.  TV Commercial Advertising is valuable, as are so many other ways of distributing your messaging, but it’s all based on strategy.  Have the right strategy, production team, understanding of your customer base pain points, you’ll have effective TV commercials that hit your marketing objectives.


C47 Films Associates is an award-winning Orlando video production company specialising in TV Commercial Video Production and Broadcast Marketing. With our expertise, we create memorable and effective videos that showcase our clients’ products and services in the most efficient, effective, and engaging way.

Tour Cayuga County NY

Rural counties in America benefit from tourism just like the big counties like New York’s Manhattan and Florida’s Orange/Osceola counties.  Instead of a broad market, rural counties market regionally to get day-trip tourism.  That’s the case for Cayuga County, NY.  Nestled between Syracuse and Rochester this count has family fun and romantic adult adventures written all over it.  This ad for Tour Cayuga is a local reminder, aired in both of the aforementioned cities, to come and play.

Cayuga Community College

The strategy for CCC TV ads is simple:  Parents watch TV, kids watch streaming and web.  Parents influence and often pay for student education.  As such, we did a 2-pronged campaign whereby some ads were online, tailored to students and the others were on TV and tailored to queue parents to talk to their kids.  This has done well for CCC as, at the time of this Ad’s airing, all community colleges were down 10% or more in attendance yet, CCC was growing.  Why?  Well, we were the only advertising they were doing so we know our ads were central to their success story.

St John’s Senior Home

Senior Living is a scary thought.  Thanks to movies like Happy Gilmore and the comedic horror of that home and the truth that many homes are substandard at best there’s a stigma.  So, the good homes – like St John’s who, if we may say, transcends good to the level of exemplary – must advertise to show their majesty.  These two ads were part of a campaign to sew the seeds of appreciation in their local community and thereby seen as the ideal next step in senior living.

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For business and non-profit videography, movie making, and social media engagement you won’t find a more engaged and creative partner than Josh Pies and his team at C47 Films. I’ve been working with Josh for several years and would recommend him in a heartbeat for creative ideas, thoughtful discussions, and impactful results.

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C47 Film Associates is a full-service video production company with extensive experience helping local Orlando and nationwide businesses develop TV commercial videos. Our team of talented and experienced filmmakers can help your business create high-quality tv commercials that reach your target audiences and increase your brands visibility.

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