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Turn what some think is boring into rich, lively and compelling video content with Industrial Video Productions by C47 Films. Your technology and processes may be dry and complicated but we know the same secret you know – what you have is important and makes a difference to your customers.

As a leading Orlando video production company, we make Industrial Videos, Manufacturing Videos, Safety Training Videos, Manufacturing Process Videos, Instructional Videos, Animated Videos, and Factory Tour Videos something remarkable. Book a consultation to talk about how to make your Industrial Video become a powerful tool to support your marketing strategy and keep employees engaged.


Orlando Industrial Manufacturing Factory Video Production Service By C47 Films

Industrial and manufacturing videos are both visual mediums that are used to communicate and explain processes, products, and services. Industrial videos are used to communicate a broad range of topics such as corporate culture, sales training programs, employee training, and product launches.

Manufacturing videos are used to explain how a specific process is completed, like how a product is made or how a machine works. Industrial videos are typically more focused on communicating a brand or message, while manufacturing videos are more focused on the technical aspects of your brands solution.

Industrial Videos

What is Industrial Video Production?  When we use the term “industrial videos” people in the professional video world mean any videos that feature non-end consumer product marketing, sales, how-to and application videos.

Many of the best manufacturing videos are made for internal use – such as training videos for industrial companies.  Also, sales teams and marketing departments use our industrial videos on sales calls or in trade show booths.  If a business seems “industrial”, you’re probably right and that is a business that needs an industrial video expert.

Manufacturing Videos

Video content is an increasingly popular and important form of communication for manufacturers. By working with an experienced Orlando manufacturing video production company like C47 Films, your video content can help to explain complex processes in a more engaging and accessible way than text-based content.

It can help to build trust with customers by providing a human element to the company and its products. Video content can be used to promote new products and services, as well as to advertise existing ones. Orlando Manufacturers who invest in creating video content can therefore benefit from increased engagement, trust, and sales.

Safety Training Videos

Industrial Safety training videos for manufactures are essential no matter the organization’s size. Investing into manufacturing safety videos developed through C47 Film’s industrial safety video production process helps your business protect employees and customers from potential hazards and ensures that everyone is up to date on proper safety protocols. Safety video for manufactures can reduce the risk of accidents, improve workplace efficiency, and reduce liability.

Working with an experienced industrial safety training video production company like C47 Films to create a manufacturing safety training videos can help limit business interruptions and keep the business safe. Our team of Orlando safety training video film makers have the expertise and experience to create a high-quality manufacturing training videos that cover the safety topics you want to cover in an engaging and memorable way.

Factory Tour Videos

Creating factory tour videos is a great way for businesses to increase their visibility and engage with potential customers. Factory video production allow customers to get an inside look into the production process and gain a better understanding of how products are made. This in turn helps to build trust and loyalty with customers, which can lead to increased sales.

As a leading Orlando factory tour video production company, C47 Film Associates can provide experienced and talented crew members, high-quality equipment, and creative ideas to ensure that the factor tour video showcases your brands creativity and differentiates your solution to show how it solves your target audiences problem better than your competitors.

Industrial Training Videos

Industrial video production and marketing are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Companies are training new employees more effectively through industrial manufacturing sales training videos, and industrial video content that keeps team members safer and operations on track. Industrial training videos can save money and time, as they can be created quickly and easily and accessed by employees from anywhere.

Need help getting started? As a top industrial training video production company, C47 Film’s can provide valuable input in terms of scripting, editing, and other creative aspects to help ensure that your video is effective and successful. We’ll help you to stay on budget and on schedule throughout the entire production process. Overall, working with C47 Film Associates to create an industrial training video can be a great investment that will help to maximize the value of your training program.

Industrial Sales Training Videos

Industrial sales training videos offer a variety of benefits to those in the sales field. Effective training videos can help sales representatives hone their skills, better understand customer needs and preferences, and provide effective solutions to their issues.

C47 Films has experience working with top performing sales organizations, including John Maxwell. Work with our training video production service to develop high-level corporate training video productions that help to move key team members and business initiatives forward.

Industrial Animation Videos

Working with a video production company to create industrial animation videos can be a great way to effectively explain products, services, and processes in an engaging and visually stimulating way. Industrial animation videos are an ideal solution for businesses that need to convey complex information quickly and effectively without sacrificing clarity or quality.

C47 Film Associates has the expertise and resources to craft engaging, informative videos optimized for various platforms, including television, digital media, and more. Because our industrial animation videos are custom-made, they can also be tailored to the needs of the business, allowing for a greater level of control over the video’s content, style, and design. Let our team of Orlando videographers and animators help develop your scriptwriting, voice-over, and motion graphics to make your company’s complex topics more comprehensible and visually exciting for your target audience to learn about.

Corporate Messaging & Branding

Work with C47 Films Associates to develop effective and engaging corporate messaging that creates interest and attracts new customer to your industrial manufacturing business. Our experience Orlando branding and marketing consultants help the experience you need to communicate the business’s mission and values, as well as ensure that your branding is consistent across all platforms.

As a leading Orlando video production company, we create promotional marketing campaigns, website videos, social media videos, and more to ensure that your business can reach a larger audience and build customer loyalty.


C47 Films Associates is an award-winning Orlando video production company specializing in manufacturing, safety, training, and industrial films. With our expertise, we create memorable and effective videos that showcase our industrial manufacturing clients’ products and services in the most efficient, effective, and engaging way.

Elevate Iowa (Docu-series)

One of the most difficult things in Manufacturing today is recruitment.  In fact, when we toured Iowa for 6 months to tell the Elevate Iowa Manufacturing stories we heard this from CEO after CEO.  “We need employees. We’ll train them.  We’ll pay for their schooling.  We’ll pay them well.”

Our docu-series, paid for by a government grant and local industry, was a tool used to educate and excite viewers about the possibilities for employment in manufacturing.  This was effectively an HR Department’s dream video series.

The work won awards for quality in the advertising world, fulfilled some grant reporting requirements for our client, and helped regional EDC’s – Economic Development Corporations – to further very strategic conversations designed to solve their area wide employment needs.

Acquisition Announcement for Re:Build Optimation

What do you do when a nearly 40 year old company is being purchased by a conglomerate?  Announce it.  In this case, Optimation is a highly respected manufacturing expert that serves other manufacturers.

Re:Build is a consortium being build to bring experts like Optimation together with other companies in the USA that can work collaboratively to solve big problems and reinvigorate domestic manufacturing.

Over time, Re:Build will be known and Optimation will be a name people once knew and that exciting but slow and strategic unification begins the day the merger occurs.  This video was their Day 1 Step 1 moment with the messaging.  Played at their announcement PR event, this video was shared to their strategic email list and all media on the big day.

We at C47 were honored to know that leadership in both Optimation and Re:Build (now known as Re:Build Optimation) were thrilled with this announcement video.  We’re thrilled to see how outstanding their union has already been and we love to work with them!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Videos for Industrial Clients

Irony alert!  This topic – DEI or “Diversity, Equity and Inclusing” – is really important yet all of our work in DEI is connected to NDA’s!  So, in very generic terms here’s an important story about industrial video.

In the modern work climate it’s very important to educate your workforce about how your company views DEI.  From expected ways to treat each other, to legal information, to how to become more effective as a leader through the lens of inclusion there are a ton of important matters in society that have filtered into the workplace.

In the last 24 months we have created DEI videos for internal use in two different Billion Dollar corporations.  In one case it was training on how to treat customers in a more inclusive and modern way.  The other was actually a training course created by a thought leader who sells 2-day, interactive training experiences.

We wish we should show you the work – they’re really compelling and very interesting projects.  Just know that this will come up in your business at some point and you now know one resource that can help you handle high quality, interesting industrial DEI videos.