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With so many video providers doing pretty work in Orlando, sorting the “best” is best done on the one front that matters most: results.  C47 Film Associates has decades of corporate video production experience and is uniquely positioned to understand your business and the needs of your audience.  We craft messaging that is effective, true and feels right to your viewer.  The authenticity of our work drives affinity, trust, and moves viewers of your corporate film to take action.

Simplified Corporate Video Production Services By Award-Winning Orlando Videographers

Orlando Corporate Video Production Services by C47 Film AssociatesDo you know your audience?  Better yet, do you know where your business and your audience meet on common ground?  We believe that every business has to have something in common with their audience.

A common bond is a connection point that, not unlike dating in search of a mate on messaging apps, builds potentially life long affinity.  We once had a Fortune 100 Client ask us to do a corporate video production explaining why their product’s Ohms of Resistance measurements were exciting.

Unfortunately, though impressive, the truth is nobody will talk about Ohms at the dinner table after work.  Instead, we helped them through our corporate messaging services, connect the purpose of their product to the childhood dreams of their ideal client through video content.

We made it refreshing, fun, and yes we did slip in the Ohms thing.  Why do we tell you about this case study?  Because your clients are real people and we’d really like to help you treat them as such.  Yes, you have to talk business.  You have to explain what you offer.

As a leading Orlando corporate video production company, C47 Film’s team of videographers will help you create a business video that really sets you apart and makes your ideal client take notice.

Corporate Product or Service Explainers

Help Customers See Your Value To Increase Conversions

Since no product is 100% obvious there is ALWAYS a need for explainer videos.  How your product and services work is likely a key differentiation point for your business.  Working with commercial production companies to develop corporate product and service explainer videos is a great way to ensure your brand clearly communicates its unique attributes and value.

C47 Films has the experience and knowledge to create a corporate product video that meets your marketing goals and objectives. Let us help you explain what you do, what you create, and why you’re product is unique.

Corporate Social Media Videos

82% of 2022 Internet Traffic Came From Video

Social Media can feel like the wild wild west.  Corporate Social Media is simply social media content creation done through the lens of your brand guidelines and set to a strategized plan.  Social media has often been a “spray and pray” un-process where people put stuff up at random with low to no strategy because, “everybody else is doing it”.

We do have a hot tip for you, though:  To create social media videos we always help our clients “batch their work”.  In the same way that you don’t bake one cookie, you bake a batch of cookies, we bake a batch of videos in one session.  It helps us move fast and answer the high frequency demands of the social media environment.

Corporate TV Commercials

Reach A Larger Audience

Do you need massive reach and high frequency of messaging to build sales this year? C47 Films can help you write, produce, film, edit and distribute a powerful TV commercial.  Working with a corporate video company to create a TV commercial for your business is an important step in bringing awareness of your product or services to the public.

Our video marketing experts will provide valuable insights on the best strategies for getting the tv commercial video production seen by your target customers. With our corporate video companies help, you can create a commercial that stands out from the competition and helps you to reach your target audience when an where they’re ready to buy.

Corporate Web & Streaming Videos

Grow Your Business

Your business is online, it has to be.  Communicating your messaging through corporate documentary films and product explainer videos online at this point is imperative to stand out from the competition.  Hence, if you’re not established in video and refreshing content somewhat often then you’re behind your nearest competitors who likely are.

The first thing a prospective client does is visit Google to validate your brand, product, or service.  Are you there and are you doing things that are remarkable?  If you are not sure, we must talk.  C47 Films is more than a award-winning corporate production company, we’re expert video marketers who are big on strategy.

Corporate Event Video Production

Bring Attention To Your Brand

You’ve been there… Everyone is gathered in a large room.  A presenter comes out and yammers on for 45 minutes about statistics, PowerPoint being used with little graphics and lots of text.  Oh, goodie goodie gumdrops.  Your audience deserves better.

Bring a unique voice to your events.  We can even partner with event planners to help dream bigger and more out of their box than they might be able to muster.  In fact, this was the event opener to an awards ceremony in 2014 that we still are quite proud of: https://youtu.be/U19w5rCP-zg

Corporate Manufacturing Videos

Simplify Your Solutions To Build Interest

The world of Manufacturing is unique.  It can feel daunting to find a compelling story to tell within your industry.  The core truth is that manufacturers of all kinds are solving real world problems and those problems solved are helping others do important things in the real world.

The moment we can tie your manufacturing work to “helping people” we’ve done your audience a great service.  We at C47 Films like to connect what you create with the real world results of what you do.

Corporate Testimonials Videos

Amplify The Voices Of Your Raving Fans

Our moms used to say, “nobody likes a braggart”.  She was right.  That’s why testimonials are so vital for your business.  A video testimonial filmed on location here in Orlando or at your business is a great tool that have your clients brag about you on your behalf.  Your results stated from their experiences is how you build trust fast with new clients and customers.

C47 Film Associates creates high-quality corporate testimonial videos that are designed to help businesses reach their goals. We provide comprehensive services from concept to completion, from scripting to editing, and from production to distribution.

Corporate Employee Videos

Attract Top Talent & Highlight Brand Influencers

A video business card is a wonderful way to introduce your employees.  A corporate employee video can create confidence in top talent looking to join the team, or provide credibility and authority to support your brands messaging.

In fact, we innovated the GetSeen Digital Business Card platform for this  purpose, too.  Your video business cards can be hosted on our proprietary system at low cost and attached to each employee.  Sales departments at clients like the national franchise Rytech Restoration are using this technology already.  You should too!

Corporate Training Videos

Move Your Business Forward Faster

Every business has a way of doing things.  Explaining that in video is FAR more effective than a mere HR manual.  We know that most people only skim those anyhow. So, get the critical HR info into a video and have your employees watch it.

Also, your company may have proprietary machinery, systems, and processes.  Document these in video and let us help you create an LMS (Learning Management System) to house these critical learning documents.

Corporate Messaging & Branding

Need Help With Your Corporate Messaging To Get Started?

What does your company taste like?  Weird question, right? Think about certain types of food you like – there’s a taste that attracts you and you identify within that food.  That food is, in a way, branded.  So, how do we leave an impression – a taste, if you will – for your audience?

Corporate messaging and branding video productions can do wonders to build clarity for your audience on who you really are and what you stand for.  What does your very existence mean for your clients?  The world?  You get to explain that via corporate branding pieces.

Now, we at C47 Films see great opportunity in doing work under this heading.  There’s so much we can help you say in a creative way to express your brand and, what’s super fun, is that because your company is unique we get to make something unique.  Oh, and if you’re saying right now… “but we’re pretty bland”.  Give us a call and I promise we’ll find an amazing angle about your business to share with the world.

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How far does C47 Films take this “everyone’s a person” belief?

First, we agree with what you’re probably thinking right now. Absolutely, sometimes a video needs to just be a straight forward video.  If you’re explaining how to assemble a widget, we don’t need to film a drama and cast actors.  We need to show the assemblage in a smart, clear way that helps your user.  That said, every time you have a touch point with a client or customer you have an opportunity to surprise and delight them.  So, even in a simple assembly video, we owe it to you to at least ask if we should do something extra for your viewer.

For business and non-profit videography, movie making, and social media engagement you won’t find a more engaged and creative partner than Josh Pies and his team at C47 Films. I’ve been working with Josh for several years and would recommend him in a heartbeat for creative ideas, thoughtful discussions, and impactful results.

Vin N.

An Inconvenient Truth:

Orlando has some powerful film schools – most notably Full Sail.  The outstanding visuals that can be created by the graduates of our regional schools for corporate video creation is something we should all be proud of. If you want to make a live action movie or animated videos here, we have the talent.

If you want to send messages to your audience through branded content, it may surprise you to hear, Orlando is not similarly gifted with mass talent.  Making pretty pictures does NOT mean you make effective corporate communications.  There’s a unique merger of both film industry talent and business acumen that must occur to be highly effective in Corporate Video Production.  Here at C47 Films we have both.

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