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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

My grandfather used to keep his Reader’s Digest for me so I could take in the “Laughter is the Best Medicine” section each month. He wanted me to read and I wanted to laugh. To this day I love to laugh and make others laugh, too. Though it’s not an easy task, it is a noble pursuit. In marketing some consider it a gamble, and if you toe the lines of taboos it is a gamble indeed. Alas, if you aim for genuine comedy and even land something that is smirk-some you have done two great things. 

Greatness #1 – you brought joy. 

Greatness #2 – your business has made an impression more valuable than most. 

Here’s a challenge: This holiday season try to observe what happens. What is ironic? Adorable? Silly or Goofy? For instance, this very year my sister-in-law and I each took one of my kids and had a chicken fight in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner (you know, where the kids ride your back and battle each other?). It wasn’t planned, it was weird, and it was wonderful. We all laughed until our sides hurt and I admit I needed some ibuprofen, too – 41 has more creaks to the bones than I expected. 

This holiday, observe those moments and see where life brings joy, and knowing winks, and under the breath chuckles and all of the stuff that ties back to what’s fun and funny. Now, ask yourself how you can insert that joy into your brand.

There’s a lot to comedy, and I don’t pretend to have it all figured out but as a former comedy writer I know a thing or two. If you’re one of the joyfully daring and want to give this a go, call us at C47 and let’s laugh through a meeting together and see what we can come up with. 

And on that note… I really have been honored to receive so many thanks from my friends and contacts who get our monthly cards. It makes us feel good to know that you get something out of the random musings we share. Please keep the hellos coming. 

Have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. We wish you much laughter and joy in this holiday season. 

Josh & Shannon Pies with the C47 Films Team

Brooke, Scotty, Jeanette, Jeff, Miller, & Rebecca

Be sure to watch this video of Mister Christmas trimming the tree! 

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