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The name of the game is Attention. We market to get attention so we can get the sale; bottom-line truth. It’s not easy and most people aren’t good at some critical aspect of it. Let’s band together and fix this.

I’m speaking to you Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Directors of Marketing, Business Owners, 6 Figure Side-Hustlers… You’ve got the skills to be good at your thing, but you need something more to get to the next level.

What “more” is that though?

How do you get from where you are today TO THE PLACE YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD BE?

Seriously, A lot of this boils down to Attention. You need the attention of an audience who will spend their hard-earned money with you. You need a tribe that will like you enough to take action to benefit from you. THAT is the point of this mastermind.

Learn from me, Josh Pies, the Chief Attention Getter at C47 Films. I’ve been dogmatically pursuing business ventures since I was literally 4 years old. Since that age – and I’m 10x that now by the way – I’ve owned and/or operated 7 businesses across multiple industries, had a surprise sleeper hit of a TV show and I’ve produced, written, and directed more award-winning film, TV and advertising work than I can keep track of – and ALL of my successes connect to the art of Getting Attention because MINDSHARE MATTERS.

Let’s work on your businesses in a group setting where everyone’s skills and expertise and influence each other towards greatness.

Topics we’ll explore together include:

  • How to structure your work to fit content creation into it
  • How to efficiently create content
  • How to mold your content to fit your ideal customer’s interest
  • Strategies and tactics to get your content in front of your ideal customer
  • Strategies to amplify your brand positioning with existing clients and customers
  • CMO Homework: Individual curation of each business’ brand (from look & feel to behaviors and more).
  • Discovery and diagnosis of miscellaneous other business structures and habits that hold you back.
  • Destruction of Self Limiting Belief Systems holding you and your business back.

I’ve done this before and it works…

Every mastermind I’ve been in benefits me in ways I cannot predict. Each one starts with a mission – like in this case it’s Attention with a Content bent but it will NEVER be limited to content only. I found myself in a mastermind for personal brands. We did a lot of talk about launching courses, personal brand content, and more and I found that my destiny did NOT align with that group. What I learned, no… what I GAINED was clarity about creating a retainer product for my business and it CHANGED EVERYTHING!!! My business is healthier and growing more than it has been in a decade!

The mastermind I’m currently in is a motley crew of people in mortgage, real estate, finance and I’m the weirdo with an ad agency/consulting firm hybrid who does movies now and then. What can I gain from them? SOOOOO MUCH!!!! My customer outreach style has completely shifted. We DO NOT lean on content alone and after our mastermind together you won’t either. One of our tactics at C47 leans on community engagement and direct relationship outreach and the way they do it in highly competitive sales industries (like Real Estate) is insanely instructive. Game changer. GAME. CHANGER!!!!

Wanna have game-changer moments?

Wanna look back 2 years from now and go,

Whoa, if I didn’t join that mastermind I’d never have made it here… and the view from here is superb!!”

If you have the moxie to be in business for yourself or to be a leader in a business then you have the makings of a person who is INTENTIONALLY going places. A natural step is to join a mastermind that not only supports that notion that GOING PLACES is a good thing but we also have the combined talents, qualities, and giftings to get you there… never mind the rich network we’ll each bring to the table.

Now, why focus on the “we” so much? Well… if you get in you have to get in for real. That means it’s a we thing. Sure, I’ll lead and guide with a strong hand. With 20 years in business, some epic fails and some epic wins to talk about AND a depth of education and certifications that kinda imply that I’ve got the chops to be CEO of just about any business that’d have me I know for certain that I can and will help your business. In fact, I have numerous consulting clients who pay a lot per session to get my brain on their needs and they see results. Their behaviors change, their creations come to life, and they see a difference. That is why you have to take this opportunity seriously. You want to grow and need to take serious action but likely either don’t know what the right next step is or maybe need the kick in the pants to make the leap.

Masterminds are ABSOLUTELY a kick in the pants.

Masterminds, the good ones, hold you accountable for your stated goals.

When you are a peer in a group of high functioning entrepreneurs you CANNOT accept the status quo.

2020 Sucked for a lot of people. 2021 is weird for many, too. The winners will be winners by choice in 2021 and 2022. Accidental success is far more easily lost than gained. Don’t chance your future – choose to grow. Get in.

Look, you can keep reading and I can keep typing but if you’re this far into the page you’re in… There’s no button to click here… Just action to take.

EMAIL ME: — Subject Line: I’m In For The Mastermind

Do that ^^^^ and let’s see if you’re the right fit.

12 Spots per cohort, we launch as soon as 6 seats are filled. Only 1 cohort is starting for this first 6 months at a minimum. Your Chance Is NOW. Email NOW.

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