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How To Network Using Digital Business Cards

So you’ve been hearing and seeing other people network using a digital business card, but are unsure of how it works or how it can help you network? The good news is that you’re not alone. We’ve SEEN so many cute tech solutions out there that are offering various ways to network and connect virtually with a digital business card. 

As of at least a couple of years ago, people are still taking actions and printing business cards to GetSEEN. LinkTree and Dot and plenty of other tech solutions then started taking over the business industry. Slowly overturning printed business cards as if it’s somehow… dated and old! You might ask, “Does this mean people won’t be using paper business cards anymore?” That’s not necessarily true. 

There are several pros and cons to the use of both printed and digital business cards. It’s inevitable, however, that the condition of our environment and pandemic occurrence plays a strong role in business card digitalization. We are in a new transformational era where human contact is limited, and fewer face-to-face encounters are encouraged. This automatically reduces the need for printed business cards. 

In addition, with the world facing climate crisis, sustainability is a focal point for all humanity. 

Hold your thoughts – we’re not going to get into this too deep; this just a brief factor. 

Printed business cards are now recommended to either use recycled materials or have a specific sustainable impact on the environment for a safer and healthier world. That being said, what’s better than using less paper and transitioning to digital business cards?

The new normal also brings us to a new networking environment with online virtual meetings in both personal and professional life. Most experts in various different industries now connect through public online communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms.

Yes, we’ve seen you in your PJ’s in Zoom meetings.

When we make new connections online or even in person, we need to share important contact information and details without spamming or cluttering information to them. The goal of networking is to build a relationship with prospects just like you did in real life a decade ago.

That would only happen if they didn’t lose your business card after either chucking them in their back pockets or bags. Rumor has it, thousands and millions of business cards get washed away in the laundry… After being chucked in the pockets…

Right, so let’s dive right in and find out everything you need to know so you can start using digital business cards to your advantage and make the most out of networking! 

Digital Business Cards V.S Paper Business Cards

We’ve all been accustomed to printed business cards. That little rectangle box has been our go-to whenever we meet a stranger. Name, email, number, website, and logo are the main information to be included in a paper business card. 

One good thing that paper business card has over digital cards is the physical form of texture and material with your very own personal touch. People may remember or have a better first impression upon the feel of your fancy card. The 8-second span of attention will either ‘flip’ or ‘flop’ their interest in your business.

The question is… How many paper business cards actually get a second look? Do you have a drawer in your office where you store all the cards you’ve received in your entire lifetime? Most of us certainly do. 

One thing we all know for sure – the fancier the card, the pricier the printing cost. Those golden trims and silver foils or even triplex, crafted ultra-fine veneers… Phew, we’re getting chills just thinking about it! It certainly holds a strong impression. But you won’t be looking at this for more than a minute.

With digital business cards, sharing your information doesn’t require high-cost printing (especially when you need to update your information or go through typos/misspellings). You can also update your design and keep your business up-to-date on top of current market trends anytime as needed. 

You won’t have to worry about minimizing content or summarizing information. With a single click or QR scan, your audience can access websites, social media accounts, landing pages, and even email contact in less than a second! 

An advanced digital business card with CRM integration can even track click-through rates from the moment they receive the virtual information, down to the conversion rate based on actions taken through your landing page. Totally worth it! 

This sort of big data measurement and analysis will bring your brand success. 

A digital business card is simple, light, and shareable. Most importantly, you can create an interactive digital card with a short video to engage with your viewer.  According to InVideo, video content is 12 times more successful than other types of content and generates higher engagement rates than both text and image combined! 

If you’re looking to get a free digital business card to showcase your unique and engaging video, is a great alternative. You can also embed a QR code that drives people to your preferred page for free on your physical card or social media posts. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or to generate direct leads, you can network with warm or cold audiences with GetSEEN.Pro’s digital business card. 

Today’s normal digital business card does have disadvantages, however, since most technology requires you to download an application or input credit card information upon signup. Obviously, this is off-putting for all of us! We’ve personally tried tons of it, just to get all sorts of restrictions or limited access and device incompatibility.

Many entrepreneurs or digital creators create a basic digital business card with an image format such as jpg., or png. This isn’t half as bad! The receiver would be able to look at it directly through messenger sources or SMS. However, that’s as far as it can go, and most of the time, you can’t click on the picture! It’s a still image that doesn’t work as an interactive channel. 

There are also forms of digital business cards that automatically saves the person’s info on their contact list within their device. This is often known as a VCF file (Virtual Card File), however, this requires an application and is not fully compatible with all devices just like many other solutions out there. 

Plenty of reviews and cases have proved that this alternative can often cause an error that eventually loses the digital business card data. 

To network and especially increase your brand’s awareness and exposure online or to a community, you need to make sure that you GetSEEN. Your digital business card must be easily accessible without any hassle to view, save, or contact!

The idea is to promote your business through online channels, as well as a strong tool to increase conversion and retention. Those cute techs we talked about in the beginning of this blog just don’t cut it for small business development, networking & sales. Because the truth is that you need to take the right actions to really connect and build your business for real, and GetSEEN!

So today we’re going to get into’s solution and how it’s designed to keep your NetWork simplified with less work! 

GetSEEN.Pro is built to keep you connected to your contacts and to easily share that info through the use of QR codes. Once you sign up, you will get an auto-generated QR code that you can save in your devices. Or you can save it as a home screen image to keep it accessible at all times.

Go on, give QR code in the image a quick scan, you won’t be disappointed!

GetSEEN.Pro is the only free digital business card with a Micro 2-Way CRM (Customer Relationship Management). What the heck is that… 

Let’s go over it. 

There are plenty of CRM systems, but most of them are not free and require a lot of time and effort spent managing and operating them. GetSEEN’s QR code enabled no-app required, 2-way networking tool. No app is needed for you or your connection.

After your connection scans your QR code, your connection’s email will trigger an email to you and the same email to themselves. It exchanges your info in your in-boxes where you have to deal with it. Set that meeting. Connect on social media. Make a call to them.


We almost never skip a day of checking and replying our emails. Which helps connections stay in touch, giving your business a higher possibility and chances to network and convert your audience to customers. 


Signing up on GetSEEN.Pro is easy. Visit the website and sign up through any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile. Then input all the information you want in your business card. You can control the information you want to be presented by filling only the sections you like. You can fully control your business card. Once done, your Free QR code will automatically be generated, and voila! You’re all set. 



We still like printed business cards – it’s handy, always in your pocket or bags, and often leaves a very strong and professional impression to the other party. We get it. We don’t really believe those will ever go away. There will always be a reason to have a physical card, but there will always be a reason to have a digital one too!

This way you can work your network, but not let the lack of the right tool slow down your business growth. 

Paper business cards are 1-way communication that risks your new connection not following through. Like we said in the beginning, either in your drawer or dead in the unseen corner of your table. In fact, someone may give you a card, and you may lose it!

There are RFID and QR solutions today that still fail to facilitate a 2-way, relationship-building connection. With GetSEEN, you can experience a 2-Way Micro-CRM solution that connects you FOR REAL, and FOR FREE.

GetSeen.Pro is a wholly-owned digital service product of C47 Film Associates of Florida. This FREE tool offers in-platform additional services for those that want to create engaging and converting videos, which are perfect turn-key solutions for those that are looking to get a complete facility and support in digitalizing the perfect business card. 

In conclusion, a digital business card is a transformational product that is not only supporting environmental sustainability but is also cost-efficient and user-friendly. No more manually inputting phone numbers and emails to phone. One-click, you’ll get all the information you need via email without any application or software download. GetSEENPro utilizes micro CRM to help this scalable automation that will improve networkers’ ability to connect, network, and level up their professional and career life.

To sign up visit GetSEEN.Pro today and utilize this free tool for your business!


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