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How I met my wife matters for your business (Ep #3, Bootstrapped Unicorns)

Episode 3:  Bootstrapped Unicorns, How I Met My Wife MATTERS For Your Business

Host:  Josh Pies, Chief Attention Getter & Film Producer

Topic:  Dogmatic commitment to a cause yields results

Summary:  True Story… I kinda stalked my now wife when we were in college. It wasn’t creepy stalking, it was just me hatching plans to meet her in the “cute 90’s teen romance movie” way.  It failed miserably but… somehow, it didn’t one day I met her.  We’ve been together 21 years and have 3 kids and tons of adventures under our belts… WINNING!  So… the lesson, which I laid out in spades in the show, is about how committed you are to courting your ideal client.  How much do you show up to wow them?  Do you actually treat them like you’re interested in the relationship and their success? OR… is it you being a gross cliche with 70’s hairy chest and too much polo sporting a Mr. T starter set and an IROC Z?  (only 70’s and 80’s kids really get this whole image but I assure you it’s gross and self-centered and NEVER actually got the girl for real).

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