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Health & Human Services Video Productions

This Viral Video from Orlando Florida was filmed by C47 Film Associates in partnership with Shinyhead Productions and the Central Florida Coalition on Homelessness.

If there’s one thing we can be sure of it’s the fact that Health Care and Human Services hit very close to home. They matter. As such, it is very important that your business’s marketing and video productions for Health Care and Human Services be well planned. Quality ideation and preproduction are critical components to creating a video that resonates. C47 Film Associates has worked with countless health and human service agencies to deliver quality video productions. Below are micro-case studies paired with video samples so you can experience some of our productions and discover how your business can benefit from a C47 Films Health & Human Services production or series of your own.

To begin, the sample above is one you may have already seen. It is a viral video about the pertinent issue of Homelessness in Orlando Florida.

St John’s Home

A leader in Elder Care, St John’s Home in Rochester NY is a prime example of a company doing so many things very right. In the competitive landscape of eldercare, they invest in communications and marketing to make sure their community knows what they do and how to rely on St John’s to help people live their best lives all the way to and through their last days.

We’ve done 10+ videos for them – TV Commercials and Web Site explainer videos. Here are two prime examples:

Sample 1 is a popular and effective 30-second TV Commercial about Senior Housing and the vibrant life one can have when living at their facility. Sample 2 is one of many longer format web productions. This one is an overview of their “Small Homes” medical and wellness solution.

Eating Disorders

To a parent, this may be one of the most misunderstood but scary things: Eating Disorders. This very real disorder is hard to identify and terribly difficult to understand. The great specialist doctors at the University of Rochester Medical Center are leaders in the field of Eating Disorders. C47 Films, in partnership with Metrix Marketing, produced more than 20 videos in a robust series on the topic of ED. In fact, you may be fascinated to know that many physicians call the disorder itself “Ed” as if it has a name and personality. It’s part of their acknowledgment that it manifests very much like a comforting friend who is actually a bad influence.

This one video sample is a testimonial video from the series. Much of the remainder of the series is not testimonial, however. Instead, it is experts – Ph.D.’s, clinicians, Parent Advocates, and more – walking viewers through critical information about the subject matter. These medical videos were filmed in a luxury hotel which introduced a comfortable setting that removed our viewers from the clinical space and introduce a warmer, more enticing environment. This healthcare video series is effectively a masterclass in how to think about ED.

Foster Care

What happens when the parents of a child are either incapable of parenting or worse, dangerous to their children? In some cases, CPS or, Child Protective Services, can coach and mentor parents while monitoring the children for wellness. They strive to keep families together. In other cases, the safest thing is to remove children and place them in Foster Care for their well-being while other, very serious matters are dealt with. Who becomes a Foster Parent? People with big hearts and a clear understanding of the need. How do they know to become foster parents? Marketing.

Who becomes CPS workers? This is hard work; it is vital work. This work takes training and a good dose of reality paired with empathy. How do we find those people?

You guessed it: Marketing.

Awareness campaigns and a quality Call-To-Action lead to inquiries and applications for both Foster Care and the work of being a CPS Caseworker. Videos are a key component of telling the stories that bring the great people of Foster Care and CPS to their callings.

These are three samples of so very many that we have created for both Foster Care and CPS.

Orlando Lip Sync For Lungs 2021

For the 2nd year in a row C47 Film Associates has volunteered to work with the American Lung Association of Central Florida to bring their Orlando Lipsync For Lungs event to life in video. Thanks to modern restrictions due to the famed COVID-19 video became a critical tool to help ALA continue its vital mission while keeping treasured donors and participants distant enough for safety’s sake. 2020 was completely virtual after hurricane-force winds forced the Downtown Orlando outdoor event to cancel. In 2021 our event – rainy as it was – was in the SODO (South of Downtown) district in Orlando. Videos were played at this outdoor event where vendors made hip munchies, beer tents were pouring all night and so was the sky.

These comedy lipsync videos – very silly by design – bring fun and laughter. The above sample is Dr. Rick Ramnath’s team from NSI MRI of Central Florida. Clearly, most of our videos don’t look like cheesy ’80s and ’90’s MTV rip-offs but this was EXACTLY what the good Doctor (Dr. Ramnath to be specific) ordered for this fun event.

Housing for the Infirm

Our final video, Bishop Sheen Housing, is a human services awareness video for an organization that does a very unique thing. Bishop Sheen has a fund for families who have homes in gross disrepair due to economic hardships that are most often tied to physical disabilities. In one case, a man was electrocuted and could no longer work for his living nor work on his home. Others were cancer patients. There are so many situations where good people encounter bad situations and Bishop Sheen helps with their homes to make them safe, weather-tight, and a warm place to live. This video is designed for both awareness and the solicitation of donor funds to keep the fund afloat.

Health, Wellness and Endless Possibilities

In the world of medicine, the applications for video are nearly endless. The obvious applications are broadcast TV commercials, web commercials and ads, and social media communications. These are client-focused and help generate business. Beyond the traditional, we know that educational videos in the health care and wellness space are the modern way to grow your employees and partners in their skills and abilities. Fundraising and philanthropy departments also rely on video to bring messaging to their large list of constituents. This multiplies the ability of staff – who often number in the single digits – to get quality messaging out in mass. More trends in the medical video are employee safety training videos, patient safety videos, as well as HR and Recruiting videos. In fact, we’ve done neighborhood tour videos to help attract new doctors to come and work at a new hospital system!

The possibilities are truly endless and the value in creating a video is real – people learn and get excited thanks to video!

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