Family of Women Fall 2023 Survey

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My Motivations

NOTE: Herein "Family of Women" will be notated as FOW for the sake of spacing.
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My Online Habits

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My Family of Women Habits

14. How Important are Weekly Meetings?*
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16a. When I need to make a big life decision I bring it up in FOW settings.

16b. When I have a relationship issue I bring it up in FOW settings.

My Beliefs & Opinions

17a. I think FOW style peer groups would benefit the lives of all women.
17b. I feel that I've become a better version of myself because of my time spent in FOW.
18. I wish FOW offered (check all that apply):
Your "wish" can be for yourself OR for people you know would benefit.
18a. If FOW Offered Digital Courses, I'd take courses on: