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Ding! Drool.

Doug the Dog Drools like Pavlov's Dog

Ding! Drool.

We want our tribe to drool at the mere mention of our names. We want that natural impulse to think of us every time someone mentions our industry, our products or services, or the end result that we give people.

Here are a few keys to training your tribe to do this very thing:

1) Be so pervasive (online, in print, in person) that your audience hears from you often.

2) Be so clear with your messaging that nobody could mistake what you do.

3) Be so redundant that your messaging sticks. (Redundant does NOT mean boring; be creative).

Distracted by Drool? Let’s put this another way:

Most people don’t know all the lyrics to a popular song, they know the Hook (the chorus). They know the Hook because it’s easy, repetitive, and they’ve heard the song a lot. That’s enough for people to not only “sing-along”, but feel unable to stop singing when the tune plays. That’s what you want for your business. We want people singing along.

It takes work to find what’s drool-worthy (or your sing-along “Hook”) but you can help your audience learn Pavlovian responses. Clarity and Repetition.

Here to challenge you to higher levels of marketing, Josh & The C47 Team

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