SCARY THOUGHT: Expertise is Demonstrable.
What if you’re the world’s foremost expert at XYZ? What if the only people who know are your 2 clients who say little if nothing about your expertise. To the world at large, you don’t exist and your next best competitor is the world expert. You don’t exist because you have not demonstrated your value.

Through a partnership with C47 we empower you to create content with limited effort and we do the heavy lifting of beautifying, strategizing, releasing and advertising what you create. We help you #BeTheExpertYouAlreadyAre.

Small or Large You Must Own Your Expertise

We love helping small businesses and large businesses grow their online presence.  Choose a plan that meets your needs or reach out to us for a custom plan.
$1797per month
  • Expert On-boarding Sequence
  • 2 Coaching Calls per month
  • Up to 4 Feature Videos per month
  • Up to 4 Trailers per month
  • Up to 4 Memes per month
  • 10 or More Photo Posts per month
  • 2 Managed Social Platforms
  • Up to $297/mo Paid Ads Included
Total Custom
+$2000per month
  • Fully Custom.
  • Retainer based.
  • For those who want "All of the Things":
  • Strategy +
  • Branding +
  • Management+
  • Campaign Design+
  • Implementation+
  • Outsourced CMO Services.
  • Sky's the limit on custom.

You Are NOT an Expert Unless You Prove It

You (or your company’s) expertise doesn’t exist unless people see you a the Go-To expert in your market. Establishing yourself as the expert is hard and you need a guide to help you truly own your expertise. The secret is that you must create content that helps others and in turn they will see you as the solution provider that you already are. C47 Films can help you craft a plan and execute to drive real value for your audience that in turn builds your business.

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