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Corona Virus Crisis Management Help

COVID-19 Crisis Management Help

By: Josh Pies, Chief Attention Getter

For the few weeks we’ve been in some hybrid form of steady-as-she-goes Content Creation & PR/Crisis Management on behalf of numerous customers. 

  • Some are first responders who have to change how they operate and how they interact with the public – we help relay the message. We also help change the way they hold events from live and in-person to digital and embracing video both live and recorded.  
  • Some are realtors who have been thrust into new sets of rules and restrictions – we mold their communication tactics. 
  • Others are thought leaders who have lost all of their stage time at major public events because we as a society are locking down – we introduce new streams of connectivity.

You probably are in some kind of life and business change, too.

We can help. Here are a few ways:

  1. Follow us on Facebook at this URL:

This is where I, Josh Pies (Chief Attention Getter), am going live via Zoom where in many cases you can Zoom into his live session and chew the fat with him. Every live over the last week addresses something about COVID-19 Response but we also talk business, marketing, branding, etc. Come grow with us.

2. Download our PDF called “The 5 Keys To Owing Your Influence” at

In this PDF we lay out a clear path to becoming a content creator for your brand. This is the time to start (“now” is always the time to start anyhow). We are in an all digital reality right now and you have a market opportunity to help people from your position of expertise. The ideas and pathway are laid out in that PDF. 

Let me give you a preview of the most important of the 5-Keys right now:  GET OVER YOURSELF! Yes, you read that right. Most people have some kind of self-limiting belief that says they are not ready to launch.  Once upon a time I was on the edge of going pro as a baseball player. It only took 15 years of non-stop playing from age 3 to age 18 to hone my skills to be a semi-notable baseball player who “might” become a paid athlete.  Josh at age 3 didn’t get recruited, Josh at age 18 did. For EVERY new endeavor we begin as a novice and your content journey will have elements of that too. The great part is that 1: You are already an expert at what you do so if you speak from your expertise you still are driving real value.  2: nobody really cares if your content looks less than pro provided that you are leaning on the 1st point that you’re an expert. So, that’s point #1. The other 4 points are actionable tactics to move forward with your journey. You have NO excuse. Just start today.  

3. Lastly, Sometimes you just need to calm your clients, employees and marketplace. You need to assure your followers that you will continue to be the professional that you are. If that is you, it may be the right time to call us and plan to take quick action and film a video and distribute it strategically so you can help people gain clarity about how you are handling things. We can help you both with production and distribution. We can do it with kid gloves and genuine care to assure that we are not risking people’s health.

I hope you will join us in exercising care and caution while also finding ways to allow your expertise to rise to the surface. You can be someone’s guide, and maybe, just maybe… someone’s hero in this time.

With great hope that these three points offer you help,

Josh Pies, Chief Attention Getter


PS… This is likely the longest PS I’ve ever added… but here goes…

This is a very personal note from me to you.

I am a firm believer in the idea that life is what you make it. If this pandemic crisis is your great fear moment, you will manifest for yourself things to worry about. If this is your moment to rise up and help, you will find yourself the helper. If you understand that in every crisis there is opportunity, you will find opportunity. I choose to be the Help & Opportunity person. I know that this is a real virus and scary in many ways BUT, I also know that we are a resilient people. While my family will continue to pray for health and wellness for all affected now and in the future, we choose to seek the ways that we can help people grow. We choose to be a part of the natural creativity that must rise from chaos.

This week the unemployment website is crashing hourly because 3.3M people have filed. Disney, Sea World and Universal have all decided to say they are now closed indefinitely and their staff may be on unemployment as early as April 8th. That’s easily another 200,000 US workers unemployed for at least a short time.

Scary? Maybe in the short term.

Here’s the other side of that coin. As people lose jobs but have to rise from that loss, we get a shuffling of the workforce. We need that shuffle because the world has shifted under our feet and society will move labor into the roles that address this new life we will live. As people move into new jobs they are forced to learn and innovate and see things from new angles. This builds creativity. This unlocks ideas. This is the economic engine that we want.

The glass is at half right now. It is NOT half empty.

Choose to expect great things of yourself, of your neighbors, of your business – and if you are jobless – of your next employer or… maybe you are your own next employer!

Take heart. All is NOT Lost nor is it being lost.

We are about to grow – please join me in that mindset. Together we’ll make it true.

With great hope and sincerity,

A big fan of the human spirit, 

Josh | 3/31/2020

About the Author:

Josh Pies is a video advertising & branding expert. He’s spent most of his life work-shopping ways to get attention – be it sales for his first business which he started at age 4, customers for his property services company at age 23, or laughs and viewership on his first National TV Show at age 26 where he was producer and head writer. He believes in getting attention and loves the power of modern content creation for what it can do for businesses and personal brands.
Josh is the executive producer of C47 Film Associates. C47 Films has produced one feature film which is available on Amazon Prime, three TV Series, eight documentaries, and TV and web ads for brands as various as Kodak, The John Maxwell Team, and the US Department of Labor. Josh Speaks at events on the topics of video branding, how to stand out as a professional, and the power of purpose. Josh lives in Orlando Florida where he, his wife Shannon nd their three amazing kids play on the beach or in magical castles as often as possible.

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