The C47 Films WHY FINDER

Welcome!  This “Why Finder” is a 2-stage tool that brings clarity about how you see you “Why” or, put another way, finding your purpose.  It can be hard to nail down – we’re dynamic humans with dynamic interests, skills, and talents. 

Section 1 brings MASSIVE CLARITY quickly. 

Section 2 is a deeper dive using the Japanese concept of IKIGAI.  You’ll have to mull that part over longer but… the journey and knowledge of self is VERY worth the work. 

WHY FINDER #1: The Guru Test

The 3-question test that gurus use to move people to clarity about their “Why”… it’s so simple and clear you may want to kick yourself!!! (So, kick yourself into high-gear!!)

240 Characters

500 Characters

WHY FINDER #2: Japanese Ikigai

This is a more detailed dive into finding your WHY or PURPOSE. You can learn about the word and concepts of Ikigai at:
Discover your WHY quickly using the below form.

What you love connects to Passion (your skill) and you Mission (what the world needs).

What you’re good at connects to Passion (what you love) and Profession (what you can get paid for doing).

What the world needs connects to Mission (what you love) and Vocation (what you can get paid for).

What you can be paid for connects to Profession (what you’re good at) and Vocation (what the world needs).

Your Ikigai is not easy to nail down. 4 big questions, each flanking each other with what you hope overlaps well… That middle ground being “magical” fulfillment of your destiny… it’s a big task. Even so, this sheet has your very important thoughts on it already. Fill out a paragraph of your best sense of where you THINK and FEEL like you are beginning to find your “Why” or “Ikigai. (2000 character limit)
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