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C47 Films Presents Square One

Video Tutorials For Businesses

C47 Films is proud to announce our Square video series. Square One is our no-excuses guide to being your own media company.

In 2022, C47 Films presents our value-packed guide to beginner filmmakers. Filmed here in Central Florida, in Square One, we start with some of the basic elements of video production. Square One explores time-honored questions that hold back beginners:

From Episode 5: The Vlogger Strikes Back
  • why you matter
  • why your face matters
  • why your personality matters
  • and why your audience matters

Video content begets engagement. If you are a small business owner or aspiring entrepreneur you need to watch this series. Learn how easy it is to start filming in Square One.

With more than 20 years of experience, Josh Pies lays out a simple track for beginners to follow in Square One. We discuss healthy mindsets, how to set sustainable goals, and we ask our viewers to practice what we teach them. Over the course of the Square One video series, we provide our expertise on effective production concepts. These guidelines are for beginners who find themselves armed only with a cellphone and no prior experience. There is a lot of value packed into Square One, and we expand on this series with Square Two later this year.

If you are reading this, we have already launched Square One on our YouTube channel. So, we hope you have fun learning the tools and tricks we use every day here at C47 Films. This is what we love doing every day. We hope you have fun learning with us.

If you found this article helpful and you went on to watch our Square One series, we would love to hear back from you. Leave us a comment here or anywhere we have posted this series and tell us what stood out to you. This helps us know what our followers appreciate so we can continue to deliver excellent value in our future content.

Start with Square One today … and yes, we took away all of your excuses to make starting Square One as easy as Josh’s Pies.

Ok, now that you’re done with the intro… stay right here… Bookmark this page and keep coming back. The ENTIRE Square One Series is on this YouTube Playlist – Just remember to subscribe to the channel while you’re there!


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