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Welcome to C47 Film Associates Blog Submission form. If you’ve found this page, you’re here because you were asked to submit amazing info to help build blog content (or other content… maybe not a blog) for one of our clients. It’s super cool that you’re here and we thank you. If you need anything, email us using the form on our contact us page or call us. Cheers!
C47 Films works with a lot of businesses. We need to know who employs you so that we're clear on who you are submitting a blog for.
Who will your blog input be used by? This may not always match your employer but it is highly likely it's your employer's blog. Let us know that.
This blog will be hosted on a specific website and created for that company's needs. How are you affiliated with the blog owner?
The basics of the story you would like to tell are... (1000 character max)
Define the problem (1000 character max)
Lay out any hurdles you had to overcome (1000 character max)
How did you solve the problem? (3000 character max)
How does this relate to the blog topic? (3000 character max)
Please don't use this section to get out of doing the outline above 😉 but... what else do we need to know?
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