Branded Content

REEL:We Build Characters.  

Rare is the day that people skip consuming entertainment content. Businesses that harness this truth are remembered for it.  

Give your customers a gift of a story.  

Reality as Branded Content

Client: Randolph Community College

Agency: EdgeFactor

C47 Partnered with Canadian Production powerhouse EdgeFactor to bring to life "Reality Redesigned" which is a reality style competition for students in STEAM education.  Incorporated in the structure of the show were critical brand partners who both helped bring the competition to life but also leveraged it for their marketing and philanthropic interests. 

Music Video as Branded Content

Client: Visit Rochester

Visit Rochester and the Joseph A Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center had 5 minutes to get the attention of a crowd.  It was, for lack of a better description, a dinner for 3000 convention planners to speed date locations who each had 5 minutes to pitch.  What do you do?  A slide show?  Invite a celeb to talk for you?  Or... Do you do a music video to WOW the crowd.  Yeah... you do that.