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Bootstrapped Brand Deals – True Story

Dear Reader & Listener…

It’s happened.  After only a few months of having a show, we started getting calls and emails.  From who?  Well, I’ll tell ya and it will explain the epic header photo, too.  Read on.

The first brand deal was from an outstanding group of people called Book Thinkers.  They’re a marketing firm that ONLY works with Authors.  Most of their authors are in the self-help space, many of whom are ENTREPRENURS!!!  And who do we focus on… BINGO!  So, we now have a super cool pipeline from them to us.   I’ve pre-interviewed 2 of their authors so far and it’s going to be truly a wonderful experience for me AND more importantly for our listening and viewing audience.

The second contact, I will admit right now, I almost deleted.  It was an outreach from Ann who is with an apparel and equipment company called Elite Sports.  They own three brands that I know of – Elite Sports, Born Tough, and Viking Bags and… They’re sending a Viking Bag for me to test and talk about.  Ok… humble beginnings from a sponsorship perspective but I also really wanted a new laptop bag that better fit who I am pesonality wise and I’m just a bit too frugal to ignore the fact that I have a decent “Not Very Josh” bag already.  It’s like they’re answering silent prayers.  Cool, right!?? I agree, it is.

I’d like you to check out their stuff here at the links below.  I’ll update with a video review of the bag as soon as I have it.   And, FWIW, I was in martial arts for years.  I’ve been out for about 10 but my kids are just getting in and I’m about go to back in as soon as I’m well enough (damn car accident!!).  Some of their product lines are focused on BJJ and they look really good.  The featured image in this is me from about 17 years ago when I went to learn from some masters in  S Carolina at an international training week.   If that’s a story you wish you know… I’ll gladly tell it.  Let me know if you want that by commenting or messaging us.  Now go check out Elite’s line up…

Cheers,  Josh

Viking Bags:



Elite Sports:


Born Tough:

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