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Believe Like the Blues Brothers Did

Jake & Elwood Blues, the Blues Brothers, were famously “On a Mission from God”.

Their follies and foibles were written to glorious music and a subtext of subtle divine intervention throughout the film. Somehow, their dogmatic belief that they must help “the Penguin” (Nuns and Orphanage) fueled narrow escapes and big wins repeatedly. Ultimately, after being chased by innumerable law enforcement officers, Illinois Nazis, and a psychotic “Ex” who has a striking resemblance to an interstellar princess… They saved the orphanage. Through it all they never bent on their belief that: “We’re On A Mission from God”.

Here’s the lesson: Their complete lack of Self-Limiting Beliefs opened the space for success.

Too many experts fail to believe in their own expertise. 

They don’t act on their expertise in ways that put them on public display. Fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of whatever… it’s all fear. Fear holds people back.

You, my friend, are HIGH QUALITY! You and your company have value worthy of Jake & Elwood Blues’ level of self-belief.

Don’t be afraid to speak at that conference.

Don’t hold back from posting about that recent business success.

Share from your expertise online and show your stuff. Send your clients a weird series of greeting cards. (Yep, talking to myself there…)

Do what you must to show who you and your business truly are!

The world needs you.

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