Stop their Hearts

Client: Eagleview

For this video we knew that there was only 1 way to express the importance of this product: Heart Stopping Content.  Doesn't your heart pause when a crisis occurs, especially when kids might be involved?  Ours does.  So we decided to impress upon viewers just how important the Critical 360 product is for the world.  If you're on meds for blood-pressure or sensitive - watch carefully. 

A Bee with Heart

Client: Medisked

The Challenge:  Present a software company in the medical assistance space to medical assistance providers in a way that will cause a sales conversation.  Be different but fully present the case.  We decided to share what the buzz about Medisked is about by creating Buzz, a bee with a big heart. 

Be Cool.

Client: Eagleview/Pictometry

A professional roofer is so often a guy who has a bit of swagger to his step. He is confident BUT, so many also know that they are always chasing the work and secretly they are missing something.  Construct, a digital product for contractors, addresses a big need for contractors and helps them keep their "cool".