Customer Avatar Worksheet

Your company has an ideal customer. This target client can be viewed in aggregate as an "Avatar". This worksheet is a proprietary Customer Avatar Worksheet created for you by C47 Film Associates.

Customer Avatar - DEMOGRAPHICS

Marital Status
Where does your ideal customer live?
Where does your ideal customer originate from?
Where does your ideal customer aspire to live? (It may be that they are where they want to be.)
If retired, put "FMR." in front of their former career.
If retired, put "FMR." in front of their most recent job title. IE. FMR 3rd Grade Teacher or FMR Chemist.
Annual Income
Is there something you think is notable but we don't have a field for yet? Put that note here.


This section digs into some quirky but important things to think about regarding your character.
This behavior matters... if someone would never drink and our ads show someone with a beer, we have a disconnect. We want to always try to connect!
This behavior matters for the same reasons as "Drinker?"
Helps to dig to find common ground & affinity. Think "Scooby Do" for 80's kids and "Friends" for 90's Kids. The 1927 Yankees for the Greatest Gen.
Passtime? Political Commenter? Family Time? TV Show?
What does your ideal customer WISH they could do? Bucket list? Goal? BHAG?
What's a hard stop for your character?

Where do they get information?

News Sources
Social Media (Personal Use)
Choose the top 2 used by your target
Social Media (Professional Use)
Choose the top 2 used by your target

Goals & Values

Describe in a short paragraph what your character's personal goals are.
It helps to understand what your character is at their core... are they loyal to God and Family? Are they "patriots"? Are they "family isn't blood, family is earned"? Are they "hard work pays" or are they "hard work is a trap"? Are they Family First or are they Me-Time First?
What is your character's challenge RIGHT NOW? What is a challenge that they may face in the future?
Think of your product or service. How does your character feel pain and/or need that might prompt them to use you?

Purchase Decisions

Your ideal target should be a decision maker BUT, you may be speaking to a key gatekeeper who has a dynamic that is not a straight line to sales. Describe the likely role this person has in purchasing.
After all of this work, you can likely predict some key objections your target may have to working with you... Maybe they already have a vendor or product in hand. Perhaps you're price is "high" or your product is too simple or too complicated. What will YOUR avatar object to about your offer?