The Kid in Me

Client: Kodak

First, let's dispel something:  Industrial videos do NOT have to be stoic.  They also DO NOT need Dub-Step music to fix that.  Consider this product video... An engineer reminisces about his youth and connects his childhood passions to the potential of a new materials product.  

Don't let your product - even if it's a "boring" component item - fall prey to the myth that it's actually boring.  It exists for a reason and enables something for humanity.  That's what this video hinged on

Take a Seat

Client: Seating Inc.

A legacy of design.  A tradition of quality.  A core family who built a business that welcomes employees in as family and invites customers to join the fold.  This is Seating Inc of Nunda NY.  The manufacturing company born of humble beginnings builds world class seating and this documentary style story sets the brand position for their customers - brands like The Buffalo Bills, The Denver Broncos, hospital systems and large academia.  

Tech Support Tech

Client: Sutherland Global

Agency: Post Central

This client had a new tech that streamlined tech support and moved it from burden to benefit as it added new value to the corporate bottom line.  Wow!  Explaining something like that clearly, from the 50,000' view, is no simple task.  We proudly did just that...