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A “Wrong Turn” in Biomedical Engineering Turns Entrepreneurial – Bootstrapped Unicorns Podcast Ep. 9


I met Conrad through a mutual friend.  She said, “He’s your people, talk to him”.  Well, she was right.  Conrad Ruiz is a young entrepreneur who dreams VERY BIG DREAMS but he’s different… he chases them.  Now, like me, he’s chased some and learned some hard lessons but he also never lets a good lesson go to waste.  His time as a Biomedical Engineering student had an aim towards world changing innovation.  Well… the startup life didn’t pan out in the way he expected.  Through some necessary pivots and powerful introspection Conrad discovered a different but equally valuable, very entrepreneurial, and also world changing business to launch.  Without spilling too much of the story – just go watch the show – his business WellAware is reshaping how entrepreneurs operate.  The results are real – time back in their workday to create, innovate and sell.  Time back in their personal lives to live and love.  That’s what WellAware does.  They help C-Suite-ers reshape how they do what they do in order to get them operating in their core competencies while offloading the rest.  It’s not about outsourcing – it’s about upsourcing to a higher level of game play.  Listen to Conrad’s story for 2 real reasons (IMO).  First – his journey will resonate.  If you’re temporarily lost, he’s a great example of how ok that can be.  He’s very FOUND now.  Second – his work solves a real problem of entrepreneurial focus.  You need to focus and his clarity around it may help you (you may just need to contact WellAware, say you heard the show, and ask the right question of… “Conrad, how can you help me?”).

Cheers to you, fellow entrepreneur.  Here’s to growing together.

Chief Attention Getter & Head Unicorn,


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