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7 Businesses before 25 (Episode #1, Bootstrapped Unicorns)

Episode 1:  Bootstrapped Unicorns, 7 Businesses Before 25

Host:  Josh Pies, Chief Attention Getter & Film Producer

Topic:  A history of me and why I’m a fitting host for this entrepreneurship podcast.

Summary: Josh Pies was an entrepreneur from the time he was 4yrs old.  At an annual gross income of $1600/year he began a life of entrepreneurship and a love for it.  That was business 1 of 7 before age 25.  Listen to the whole episode to hear about the rest and more about why this podcast matters for entrepreneurially minded listners.

An important note:  This is NOT a podcast where Josh plays expert.  Yes, he knows a TON about the world of business and entrepreneurship but he’s no Warren Buffet.  No, instead he’s exploring other’s experiences – not unlike what Napoleon Hill claimed he had done to create Think and Grow Rich.  He’s here to ask questions and get inspirational answers that are fuel, ideas, and data for fellow entrepreneurs.

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