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What if your marketing were like making a smoothie?

Once upon a Thanksgiving, we did a holiday video card (click here to watch it) where we blended some seriously gross stuff together to make… well… watch the card and you’ll see (don’t be eating or drinking if you’ve got a weak stomach).

What if your marketing were like making a smoothie? Should it be a gross holiday smoothie? Well, probably not. We follow recipes to make delectable cuisine. Your marketing mix ought to follow a well-planned recipe. It also ought to have room to sprinkle in surprise hints of sugar and spice so that your marketing mix matches the flavor of your specific business.

Ok, enough with the food metaphors. Your business needs to look and feel (and taste?) the way your audience will perceive it BEST so that they come to KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST you. What mix of marketing have you crafted to entice your audience?

If you don’t know, that concerns me.

Here’s a gift of sorts: If you find yourself equally concerned, call or email and let’s get on a Zoom call to help you think some things through. There’s no cost to chat a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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