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3 Types of Tech Projects That Small Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing

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Just about every small business owner uses tech to fuel the success of their startup. There are so many ways that technology can make your own business more efficient and more profitable, including software and other helpful tools.

You may be comfortable handling many of these tech projects, like managing social media and creating content, but there are some undertakings that are better left to professionals. C47 Films invites you to consider what you should really be outsourcing.

Complex Tech Projects

Being a boss means wearing different hats for your small business. Some of those hats, however, may not fit quite right, especially when it comes to complicated tech projects. For instance, if you have no experience with coding or web design, then creating a website for your small business that will really wow your clients may be out of your area of expertise. You definitely don’t want to sacrifice design and efficiency when it comes to your business website, since these elements can help drive the success of your startup.

Instead of resorting to a basic online website builder, which will limit your ability to create a truly unique website, you may want to hire website developers instead. Look for an agency that offers enterprise web design services that include hosting and SEO-optimization. Many companies can also set your site up for ecommerce activity, which can help boost your internet presence and increase your customer engagement.

You may find that video projects also help your marketing efforts, but you may not have a team ready to write scripts, direct commercials or other videos, and edit the final content. In these cases, consider outsourcing to a professional production company, like C47 Films. That way you know you’ll get quality product to get your business out to the masses.

Tech Projects That Take Up Time

Even if you have the skills and expertise to take on tech projects, you may be too busy to complete these projects efficiently. Believe it or not, people are actually poor multitaskers notes Brain World Magazine, especially when it comes to crucial business tasks and projects. If you multitask to get those tech initiatives taken care of, not only could you be sacrificing quality, but you could even be negatively impacting your brain.

Instead of settling for less when it comes to your tech needs, think about outsourcing projects in order to save yourself some stress and time. In addition to providing a break for your brain, outsourcing certain tasks and projects for your small business can ensure that those assignments are completed much faster. Having a virtual assistant can help relieve you of the mental burdens of remembering everything all the time. For example, if you’re an LLC or corporation, you’ll need to file an annual report each year with up-to-date information on your business. A virtual assistant can help take care of this task.

While there are some potential downsides to outsourcing tech tasks, using job sites and screening candidates carefully can reduce these risks. You can also keep expenses low by hiring a virtual assistant to handle smaller tech projects, such as data entry, schedule management, and administrative duties.

Tech Projects That are Too Critical

 If your business experienced a data breach this afternoon, would you know how to respond? If not, you’re definitely not alone. Per Security Magazine, over a third of all startups and businesses are totally unprepared to tackle a data breach and survive the process. Those statistics are even more unsettling when you consider that many online attacks specifically target smaller businesses, and many of the businesses targeted end up folding as a result of these data breaches.

Unless you have an in-house tech support team, this is one project that you will definitely want expert help with. Protecting yourself from breaches can be a complex process that requires multiple steps in order to prevent a successful cyberattack.

Things You Can Do

As mentioned, some tech related tasks can and should be handled in-house. It’s generally a good idea to have an internal bookkeeper that your business relies on. That doesn’t mean they can’t leverage technology for their benefit. There are plenty of excellent bookkeeping software options available. There are also invoice generators online that allow you to make great looking invoices quickly. These kinds of tools are a must-use for the small business owner.

Being a boss means being able to shoulder a lot of responsibilities for your small business. To achieve success, however, you also need to be able to decide when to DIY tech projects and when to consult more experienced professionals. Having the right help can take projects from mediocre to marvelous.


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From C47 Film Associates:

Thank you to Julie Morris at for contributing these insights to tech outsourcing.  Knowing when to get help from outside resources is a challenge for entrepreneurs and managers.  We at C47 Films are one such resource – we offer a unique and powerful skill set for marketing (which is both highly technical and highly artistic).  No matter your challenge, there’s a vendor and/or a tech solution (like us)  who might accelerate you towards your success.

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