Have a plan

Today I went to share a video sample with a new client.  I dug a bit and found the video but it was in a terrible location.  This video was placed on the client’s director of media’s personal YouTube channel.  Why? No good reason from what I can tell.

I see this now and again.  A great video project completes and a client goes off happily and we are left with the assurance that they have a plan and know how to promote their video.  Then, months later, we find out that the video has 29 views and the views were all from employees (which is OK if it was a training video for them… but 99.9% of our work is not training videos).

So, today’s note is… HAVE A PLAN!  If you are a social media junkie personally it does not mean that your personal habits translate to your company’s habits.  It takes A LOT MORE work to assure that a video with a business purpose gets distribution than one that is for personal interests in personal circles.  It takes real planning and often involves PR people, Marketing Departments or your Agency of Record, and sometimes the collaboration of the whole company from Janitor to CEO.

If you don’t have a social media strategy, social media planner, a PR person, or an agency to work with – call us!  We can guide you.

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