Executive Producer/Creative Director

Josh is a multi-award winning Creative Director, Producer, & Writer. He leads the C47 team. Josh cut his teeth in entertainment as a child actor. He was trained as an audio engineer and later a technical director for theatrical lighting before going off to college. After earning a handful of college degrees Josh was roped into writing & producing a Comedy TV show by one of his best friends. The work was a riot and absolutely addicting – this would be his life’s pursuit. Fast forward a few years and you get a nice list of awards, a book of work that makes Josh proud to call his own, and an undying commitment to story.

Director/DP/Post-Production Supervisor

Andrew doesn’t get bogged down with bragging about his qualifications, but we’ll handle that for him. Andrew sees stories in his head long before the cameras roll. His creative vision brings emotion, action, excitement, and laughs to the screen is unmatched. Andrew began his career as an audio engineer in NYC working lauded studios such as Avatar and for Dark Child. In the late 90’s he transitioned into music video production for the artists he was producing and mixing. As a director Andrew taps his musical roots to connect with the needs of the artist. In post he brings his lyrical musicality to all of his work which results in magic on screen. Andrew directed Stellar Awards’ Gospel Music Video of the Year 2010 for Vickie Winans. He’s directed and edited countless other award winning commercials, music videos, and short films for C47 Film Associates.

Director/DP/Visual Effects Specialist

Dave is a technical person. His understanding of the complexities of film and video production has been recognized by the internet’s go-to tutorial providers where he has become a professor in high demand. Dave delivers top quality visuals both in camera and in post-production. He is a classically trained vocalist who plays numerous instruments expertly and custom composes film scores and advertising music beds.

Creative Director/Director

Dave got his start in the business of film and video production as trial by fire. In the mid-2000’s Dave was tasked with revitalizing a failing television ministry at a New York megachurch. His idea – abandon the sermon and go head to head with Saturday Night Live with a sketch comedy show! He created 360TV and launched a success into existence. Dave is a comic genius and experimenter who delivers on creative concepts and direction both in and out of faith markets. His understanding of what moves people through story may derive from his years of experience as an ordained minister.


A short word about C47 Film Associates’ love of the unusual: Read our list – we have a Child Actor, A Music Producer, A Classically Trained Vocalist, and an Ordained Minister as key team members – all of whom have become world class film and video professionals. Think about the variety of creativity that comes from these backgrounds and you’ll cherish the variety as much as we do.


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