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New Studio Coming Soon!!!

Exciting News from C47!

Over the last few months we’ve gotten a lot of requests for projects which necessitate either the simplicity of Infinite White, the brooding of a deep black backdrop, and/or the use of Chroma Keying.  We’ve traditionally rented facilities for large work like this and brought the gear to you for the smaller requests.

As demands for speed and quality continually increase it became clear that we needed to open space in our Rochester NY location to serve our loyal customers.

Over the next month we’ll be putting the final touches on our new space on the East Side of Rochester (We’re not far from Joe Bean Coffee – some of the best coffee in town!).

Expect an open house event in January 2015… If you’d like to attend please contact us!

(The video included in this post is just one sample of the type of work we’ll be doing in studio.)

Viral Candy: A Summary
The last five blog posts have been about Viral Video as desirable... A departure from my normal advice (See the first post for more).  A summary of the case studies in this series may sew things up nicely. There are themes in the stories of each of these videos going viral. The first common thread here is that SOMEONE with clout acted on his or her appreciation of our work. As a result, an increasing amount of people shared it. Another commonality is that all of these viral experiences happened with content that was not self-serving....
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VIRAL CANDY (Part 5 of 5)
CHRISTMAS MIRACLE (2012): 35,000 Views This viewcount does not look like all that much, I know. The reason it is included is that this video was placed on Vimeo, unadvertised and without any meta-tags. It was a work sample for the company website and I would have expected about 50 views per year. 50 views from qualified people would have been great but that is not what happened. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas somebody stumbled onto this sample. To this day I have no clue who, how, or why. What I can derive from the view count...
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VIRAL CANDY (Part 4 of 5)
THE BEST MOVIE THEATER MARRIAGE PROPOSAL EVER (2011): 1,000,000+ Views Everybody loves a good love story. Americans love a good spy thriller. Put them together and you might have a blockbuster. Well, Todd Cavanaugh wanted to marry Miss NY 2007 and decided that an epic woman needed an epic proposal. Like in the case of I Fought For You, this video was not done for a client. It had a purpose – a message – and to the creators it was a chance to challenge our own story telling skills. The video went viral largely because of...
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