Monthly Archives: January 2015

Have a plan
Today I went to share a video sample with a new client.  I dug a bit and found the video but it was in a terrible location.  This video was placed on the client's director of media's personal YouTube channel.  Why? No good reason from what I can tell. I see this now and again.  A great video project completes and a client goes off happily and we are left with the assurance that they have a plan and know how to promote their video.  Then, months later, we find out that the video has 29...
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Thank you to all!
Last week we had our two open houses at the new studio.  Whoa! Are we just blown away by the love and support of our clients, friends, and family! Over 50 attended the AM event and over 100 attended our PM event!!! There were lots of laughs, great conversations, and selfies with R2D2... Pictures will be coming soon so stay tuned. OH, and the BIG NEWS! Jerry Warsaw - you WON the studio production package!!! Your confirmation email is en route....
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Open House Event UPDATE! BIG NEWS!!!!
Remember that invite?  We've expanded the scope of the event!  We are not the only one's hosting the event now.  Come see the Carlson Cowork facility and the people and companies in it.  AND!!! AND!!! YES, AND! The giveaways are expanding.  We're still doing the video production package giveaway but here's the early list of stuff: C47 Film Associates VIDEO PRODUCTION PACKAGE Art Fueled Living will be giving away a LOGO REDESIGN. Rising NY: Giveaway TBD So, to recap - cool people.  Free grub.  A peek into the new hip space at Carlson Cowork... and visit with C47.  That's...
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