Monthly Archives: May 2014

Smile, Don’t be Insulted
Do you know an indie filmmaker? I do.  Heck, I've been one... Hmmmm... Maybe I still am one. I digress... I just got off the phone with an indie producer begging for a line on some needed gear. As we solved his problem I got to hear about his current woes that people are taking an attitude with him as if he's a user. He's not. What he is guilty of is being a dreamer.  Indie film is far more about art, about dreams, about the sense and feeling of accomplishment than it is about money. We...
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Video as Virus
It’s a bit passé to talk about viral video as if people don’t know that you should not chase virality as the goal.   Alas, I’m going to put my own spin on that. My friend Peter Platt puts it this way, “If you set out to make a viral video you’ve already failed”.  He’s right.  You can aim for virality but there is no way to be absolutely assured that your video production – or meme, stunt, song, etc – will be so widely accepted by popular culture that your work will infect the world.  And,...
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A busy April…
C47 has been slammed!  Here's a quick update:
  • Metrix Marketing tapped C47 to create the new 2014 GCC TV ads.  Watch this summer in Western NY markets.
  • Kodak launched their HCF video. We love working with the Kodak Peeps! (No marshmallow involved)
  • Eastman Business Park launched their new Bio-Materials Sizzle.  Another C47 Creation.
  • The No Casinos Coalition used C47 Film Associates to create a very clear message about their concerns about new casinos in Western NY.
  • Josh (Exec Producer/CD) spent a week in Orlando working in part with Impact Homelessness.  The week was full of forging new, amazing relationships in...
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The Horse Show Judge & the Award Season:
My wife’s family rides horses.  It’s all English (pinkies up) and it’s got a plethora of mores.  In the midst of the do-this/not-that that I had to endure as I learned the ropes of being the boyfriend, later husband, and now father to a “horsey girl” – my eldest daughter rides now – I found some things that you just don’t talk about.  Well oops… here goes. Horse Show Judging: It starts at the basics.  Did the rider get the horse around the ring in the direction and jump order we expected?  Simple enough. ...
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